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Why we do not take our country India seriously?

Why we do not take our country India seriously?

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As a developing country India has seen every type of time and people are upgrading day by day from normal technology to advanced technology. We have changing policies and changing phases in every scenario. We don’t hate change as we see change, we feel change in our every day lives. We don’t react surprisingly as we are used to the bad and good changes in our country. As a citizen of my country I really wish to see my India as one of the best and most powerful nation in the world.

We often compare our self with foreign developed countries and there popularity and advancement may make us feel jealous some times but still we hope for a better future for our country. As a common man we often say that we don’t have anything in control and that's why we do not take our country seriously as we are controlled by the government and there rules and regulations. Well when the government and the political leaders do not do anything for the people, then people have to take necessary steps for their rights. Well revolting on the streets is foolishness as the ministers who are sitting in air condition mansions will never feel anything, only you will suffer from harmful sun rays and harassment by police.

Well I will not advocate you to sit quietly at home and tolerate the injustice going on. The constitution of India has given us some rights and most of us are unaware about it. There are some important things which we can do to create a positive change in our country and its people. If you really wish to see development and right utilization of your money in the country then we have to work this out.

The most important thing we have to do is to take advantage of the RTI(Right to information) facility. We often notice lack of amenities and lack of resources in our city and its neighboring areas. Although on paper everything is provided to the city, from good roads to pedestrian pathways to green belt to fountains to security to medicals shops to bathrooms to every other important thing which makes living peaceful and comfortable. But the reality is bitter and awful, most of the amenities are not given to us. Practically we all know that most of the government departments consume the sanctioned money for their own welfare. We can ask the department about the injustice, we can question them by RTI. Sometimes RTI do not give answers to our questions as there is monopoly of corrupt officers but we don’t have to lose hope. We have to write as many as RTI applications as much we can till we don’t get the solution and answer of our problem.

Second thing we can do is planting as much trees as we can. Now don’t look at me in shocking manner. This is certainly a solution but will take time in giving results. We all know the condition of government parks made for public and some how we are also responsible for there worse condition. By planting trees we can not only help the nature but can also help our self. Well we know that there is no infrastructure which can prevent pollution and everyday environment is degrading with introduction of industrial pollution. The air we inhale is not pure and clean and this can not only create imbalance in the environment  but also in our body. You may believe it or not but this pollution works as slow poison and we never know how much dangerous it can. By planting trees we are helping the environment in becoming more safe and pure. Moreover it will erase the impurities and imperfection of our society. Trees and decorative plants increase the aesthetic value of the surroundings. They add beauty and creativity to the surroundings which will give an inviting feeling.

The Third thing is very crucial, pay attention now. We all are graduated from our respective fields but still we lack power. We often see phases in our lives where we feel helpless in front of powerful people. Well powerful entities always purchase the law and order for their safeguard. We common people do not know the laws and order of our country. The constitution has made the best rules and regulations for our welfare and if we know these laws we can prevent our self from lot of troubles. So don’t hesitate in grasping extra education of law.

We will complain and we will react but sooner or later we will forget everything. Now its time to control things that are out of control. It’s really important to make our self a better citizen first as pointing fingers on others is easy but preventing our self respect from any spot is tough. We often utilize our precious moments in judging others but when it comes to the enemies turn we are judged.

Corruption can never be erased and we will not take our country seriously as we do not take the law and order seriously. We are still crossing the red lights on streets, we are still throwing garbage on roads, we are still using the public parks for sex, we are still fighting on small issues, we are still committing crimes which are unethical, we are still laughing at morals and responsibilities, and we are still gossiping and bitching about others. There are limit less things which are against the law and order and we commit them without fear and shame.

 If we really want to make our self a powerful nation we have to take some amazing steps and we are the one who will bring change, so stop expecting and complaining. Start your action now as it’s your country too.

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