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Why political leaders do not feel the pain and sacrifice of common people in india?

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Well politics is a dirty pavilion where every one is at risk but still most of the common men dream for this super powerful and glamorous job. The life of a political leader is better than any business tycoon or any film star as the source of money is unlimited for the political leader. The bigger the post the bigger the opportunity for money and it’s really hard to say no to money as the amount of money they see is overwhelming. Although that money is sanctioned for the public welfare but it’s a known fact that very less portion of money is given for the people of India and rest is distributed among the departments and leaders. Well there is nothing new in this; we all know this bitter fact of our country and its political leaders. Well no doubt money makes every dream come true, whatever we imagine and whatever we desire, money has the power to make it possible.

When a common man becomes a minister or political leader, he gets different facilities and amenities which are not a privilege of common man. From big bungalows to cars to security guards to servants, everything dances on the tunes of these ministers and leaders. They get super luxury and comfort which is seriously desirable. From foreign tours in business class to 5 star luxury hotel suits, they get whatever they want and they don’t have to pay for anything. Its all public's money which is lavishly spend and enjoyed by the ministers , well public is not coming to question these ministers and no one can argue and object them for the activities which are against the welfare of the people.

The ministers cannot think like a common man as they are not facing the situations which a common man is facing. The rules and regulations, the law and order is only applicable to common man, the ministers are out of it and that’s why they enjoy the freedom of doing whatever they want. There is no accountability and no records which show the true picture of the accounts and money transactions.

 The political parties who act like a butcher will always treat the innocent public as raw meat. The public is helpless, they don’t have anyone to listen to them, the opposition parties may listen to them for a while but that concern is also fake as its all vote game. we all know that money is not a fruit that we can grow on the trees and this money which makes a country powerful is generated with the hard work of common people.

When a common man commits a crime, he gets punished but when the government and the ministers commit crimes, who will punish them? Well from police to court no one has guts to put these ministers behind the bars and even if they are sent to jail , they get VIP treatments in jail which are better than any 5 star facility , then what kind of jail and punishment is this ? Well there is no rule and regulation for these ministers and that’s why they enjoy their awful corrupt acts and scams.

Common man who is punished by inflation, high petrol and diesel rates, vegetables and other commodities high prices, gas prices and other complicated rules and procedures is in the most pathetic state because of the political parties and its ministers. This suffering is only given to the common man as the ministers take their optimistic decisions quickly and carelessly without considering the consequences and impact. Every action has equal and opposite reaction and this theory works very well in the political system of India

The common man will suffer no matter who rules our country India as most of the political leaders do not have patriotism in their hearts. 

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