Sunday, October 21, 2012

Why people laugh at the slogan “GREEN INDIA CLEAN INDIA”?

Why people laugh at the slogan “GREEN INDIA CLEAN INDIA”?

We are blessed with amazing hospitality awards; we are the best in food. We have every type of culture and customs, we enjoy the secular nature, we say we are the golden bird but still from our roads to our green belts to public bathrooms to our every outer surrounding, we lack perfection, we lack comfort, we lack amenities, we lack beauty and we never feel proud in walking on the streets.

We have departments who have the authority of maintaining everything, we have good team of people who can work and give tidy and inviting atmosphere, we have millions of skilled and unskilled labor of agriculture and masonry knowledge but still our surroundings and our outer atmosphere is untidy and shameful.

We often hate this, we often complain about this but still nothing is happening. We don’t know what should we do in order to change things as revolting on the streets is not a solution.

Many of us have made some private welfare associations of our respective sector and we often collect money as donation and invest it on our surrounding parks and green belt. This attempt is good and encouraging but most of the houses do not contribute in this as they have a debatable point and that is when we are paying taxes then why we have to waste our money on another expense which is the government duty not the private affair.

Our broken roads are the black spot on the high rise buildings, our sewage and drainage systems are either semi blocked or completely blocked as there is no maintenance. Roads in monsoon become a dirty lake of sewage waste and water. We are used to this ugly mess. We only take care of the place where we live. All the government buildings and other constructions like bridges, barricade, pedestrian pathways, public bathrooms and other buildings which are used by government and public are not taken care of as we think its government building so why should we care?

Every year millions of unauthorized posters and advertisements ruin the beauty of the buildings made by the government. These unauthorized advertisements have no limit and there is no one to stop the people who do this immature and punishable offence. Even young political leaders and well established political parties enjoy the facility of unauthorized advertising. They are equally responsible in running the architecture and other surroundings.

Tree in the middle of the road which looks funny as well as it creates hindrance causing traffic jams and accidents.There are millions of trees between the roads in every city but still nothing is done.
Public bathrooms made by the government are obviously very less in number and there condition is so pathetic that I cannot even show there images to you as they can even make you vomit. There are millions of things which make every Indian feel guilty and the infrastructure and maintenance of this exotic country is at zero scale. The ministers are not concerned in improving the nation and we will again never feel proud in walking on the streets as India will remain untidy.

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