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When & why woman loses their virginity ?

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Woman can never be treated as sex seekers. No matter how much desperate a woman is, every woman has dreams and every woman loves the concept of love. Women are designed to take things slowly and romantically.

The problem with today’s generation is that they do not understand the concept of woman. For guys it’s a play toy but its not. For guys woman are not a serious issue and their importance is not acknowledged, the biggest reason behind this is frequent deaths of girl infants. This has created the atmosphere of hatred and ignorance towards woman. Although woman is whole some responsible for the progress and upbringing and without woman man cannot live and work efficiently but still the concept of woman is different and controversial in India.

Young woman are not considered as sisters by young men and no one can change this thinking as opposites attract. The biggest problem arises when men do not treat woman as lover but as sex slave. For them woman is not a permanent asset of their life but a temporary rental house where they live according to their specifications. Trust me not every woman is stupid, every woman has some power or you can say some intuitions which tell them about the true intentions of men.

Women choose men with the purpose, for them he is the one who will carry on the generation and will take care of her and her children. Man does not think so optimistic, they only take care of their physical need and that is sex. Unfortunately men never say no to sex and woman and for them every woman is available. Even the committed men urge for his best friend’s girlfriend if she is hot but women are different. Once they consider a man as their whole world they do not care about any other man, no matter how much ugly her man is.

The men do not understand the dreams of woman. If you really want a woman in your life then you have to make some changes in your lifestyle and thinking. You have to consider the woman as the most important person of your life above everyone. Listen carefully, woman needs love and the power of love can even change the direction of wars.

 Woman wants to take a bath in the sea of love and you have to complete her with tons of love. Don’t mix love with lust, otherwise you will end up with tight slap. Woman will only give her virginity if she will trust you as the man of her children. If you want to have casual sex for some short time then its better to go to prostitutes rather than any regular normal woman as most of the woman fantasies their fuck buddies as lover and sooner or later that lover is considered as husband.

But this does not mean that you will not get woman for casual sex. Well you cannot openly describe your intentions of sex to woman as further you will end up with tight slap or police complaint. Most of the guys choose the better option and that is faking love. They enjoy this love fake game and it works in case of girls. They pretend to be the perfect lover and they also make the big promises which are powerful enough to convince any woman of the world. The most common promise is of marriage.

Although the marriage bait is very common and usual but still most of the woman get convinced by this strategy. Women never give options to men but they actually work as option for men. They do not force men for marriage first and sex later option but end up as the best alternative by losing their virginity on the promise of marriage.

 Well woman behave immature and they intentionally ignore the fake love of their lover sometimes as most of the woman know the background and intentions of their lover but still they allow them for everything by pretending to be innocent. Well woman are not at fault as lust is not only the ornament of men. Man or woman both the genders need sex as it’s the most common need, the difference comes in the way they project their lust as woman has some boundaries and man are free from boundaries. Nature has given boundaries to woman besides society and women know them very well.

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