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The power of Kamasutra in India

The power of Kamasutra in India

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We all know the definitions of sex and for every person sex has its own unique position and respect. Off course we respect sex; the biggest reason is we can never avoid it. We can never boycott it. No matter in what orientation we are born we love sex and from time to time our sex drive increases and decreases.

Undoubtedly sex gives pleasure but this pleasure does not give peace as there are so many obligations and objections regarding sex. Sex is not a saint and it is always considered scandalous. The sincerity and passion for sex is never acknowledged, in fact from sex less to sex freak, both are considered culprits in relationship games.

Sex is just a play, it has never been taken seriously, we do sex and we never talk about it as talking about sex brings guilt and shame. But the most amazing question is that

 “Is the shame arising because we are crossing the limits? Or we want this to be secret affair?”

Well sex cannot be labeled as a secret affair as it is openly available on Internet and other local sources, anyone can approach sex through different mediums. In fact small expression to large expression of love making is in fashion in movies as well as in reality.

Well ignoring sex is foolishness and doing excess is madness but why Indian people live in double standard reality?

  On one hand men in India frequently go to night bars and brothels and on other hand they criticize sex as the most awful thing. Well this development and urbanization has created awareness which not only give us opportunities but it also controls us by the terror of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Well no doubt the HIV status is uncertain and most of the people do not get themselves tested as being HIV is a taboo in India, people cannot even talk about it openly as the disease is controversial. Besides having plenty of awareness about HIV, people still doesn’t prefer barriers and other contraceptive devices. The fashion of getting laid is on amazing height among youngsters and adults but no one wants to play safe. The majority who takes everything seriously in sex is very less off course.

The exotic land India which is blessed with the education of Kamasutra does not follow the rules and regulations of sex. For them sex is not a serious affair, it is a common thing to do. The concept of sex is so mind-blowing and dominating that its impact creates revolutions.

Unnatural sex is the privilege of most of the people, they all enjoy it but they defend themselves as superior by speaking against the same topic in public. When a man enjoys unnatural intercourse with a woman, he finds it justified but when a man enjoys sex with another man it is considered unnatural and unacceptable. The country where everyone is earning there own bread has ways to defend their integrity and individuality. Every one has their own respect & choices and they all do what they like. Besides practicality the double standard and narrow minded behavior floats together.

The transgender are considered worse in every way, they are not accepted and they are not even considered humans in India. They don’t even enjoy the privilege of the first class citizen as people have set standards and rules which do not favor every type of human being.

Undoubtedly sex is performed and no matter how much strict we become the urge and drive of sex will never end, it will only expand and expand as sex is not a choice, we all are born with this very need. The height of madness is such that it can even make you feel trapped as the society has made some awful and pathetic rules which creates a feeling of revolt and anger among people.

From caste to race to age, these three factors have given nothing but violence on the grounds of sex and love. The younger are taught to select the sex partner on the grounds of caste, matching age and money off course. The ones who do not follow the three guidelines are tortured till the end as ego is greater than blood.

The government and the constitution has made very strict rules and regulations which can prevent the injustice and every kind of sexual harassment but still most of the majority is suffering and waiting for the justice.

The girls are not safe on streets, the homosexuals are tortured every single second, the bisexuals are treated insane, the transgender are not even considered humans, the straight enjoys every type of natural and unnatural sex, Most of the people are either scared or carefree about sexually transmitted disease, and they all know it but still behave like illiterate. 

Indians feel pride as they are blessed with the most ancient and amazing study of Kamasutra, they all purchase it before their auspicious wedding but they have tried the very book with every single slut.

When a common woman is tortured through MMS, she loses her value and self respect as people have different opinions and comments on the scandalous issue but when an actress exhibits her own MMS people have different view point which is shocking as well as disturbing as her shameful and stupid publicity stunt is considered glamorous. People not only accept the very actress but she also gets national award. Amazingly sex has different positions and values and its visibility changes with every person.

Sex will always remain the topic of interest with the touch of controversy and scandal. The power of kamasutra will never fade especially in country like India where sex is the mother of hobbies.

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