Thursday, October 25, 2012

The divine expenditure of money in India

Money is the only source which creates action, motion and emotion in every aspect. As a common man I have basic needs from food to clothes to shelter to car. That’s what every body dreams about. Well most of the majority in India is of common men who are no body in the book of dictionary. There lives are simple and there needs are same. They all have same goals and aspirations. There money is utilized judicially as well as carefully on the most basic and important things of there lives. Well we common people still dream about paradise and money is the only way by which we can experience the true paradise. But the thing is there is no limit to intentions and wants as every body has there own definition of paradise. For some it may be foreign tour and for some it may be a big mansion near the sea.

Well watching big and successful people, we all feel jealous and attracted. No wonder we can even lick there asses for our one dream. We often fantasize them we often dream about there life and rest we do nothing. Our day dreaming my give us uncertainty but we can’t stop this as the world is full of possibilities and wonders.

Money is utilized in different ways in India but the expense is shocking and powerless. The biggest drawback is that money never says no to us and the person who is getting the source of money will defiantly enjoy the status and power of money. Yes money is like a magic and once we get ample of it we are king.

The people who worked very hard or you can say very smart are today’s giant business leaders. In the same way people of different fields and backgrounds are successful by there adopted secret ways. The unsuccessful obviously urge for money and a basic question which comes our way is how and why they are so rich?

Well the biggest nightmare is poverty and no matter you believe it or not the government and the ministers are wholesome responsible for our current status and lifestyle. Whatever unfair is going on with us the government is responsible. I am not blaming the entire circle of politicians but most of them made some decisions which were against the people and in favor of some majority. Unluckily the majority was of rich and inspirational people who know how to purchase and sell the law and order.

The funniest thing we have is the wrong expenditure of money which is the crucial reason for our backwardness. The poor men always spend his hard earned money on liquor, The middle class spends it judicially but often waste it on shares and other short term gain offers, the rich spends it on the politicians and high class escorts and actress , the politicians spends it on bad guys for power off course. The amount of money which is spent is unlimited and there is no solution to this problem. Well this is a personal and private affair of every individual and we cannot object on there way of spending but this is the basic and current money circulation India is suffering with.

Obviously the money is not grown on trees and it is generated by hard work but our personal greed will never allow us in contributing for the development of country. The most surprising and powerful thing is that not even 10 % money is utilized on the people and the country. The politicians are worse than parasites, they shamelessly backstab there own motherland and there brothers and sisters as there is no patriotism left. The right utilization of money in India can convert India from a slow developing country to the most powerful country within a year but that day will never come.

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