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New profession of saints in demand which can fetch billions in India

New profession of saints in demand which can fetch billions in India

Its 21st century and you defiantly cannot expect the true and the most dedicated saints who will take us on the path of peace and worship. We may have read in our mythological tales about so many saints who were inspirational and powerful but today this materialistic world do not guarantee sacrifice and dedication. Talking about India, India is blessed with culture and customs. We had so much development in terms of religion and its understanding. We have powerful way of worshiping our holy gods and goddesses. Indian people are blessed with so many gods and goddesses, every god and goddess has its own uniqueness and power. We may have a particular idol which we feel is powerful and dominating on our life but we do notice the importance of saints in India.

Indians have a set mindset about the position of saints. They treat them as the representative of god who will guide them in the right direction which will lead to peace and the almighty. People who teach about god and there tales are worshipped like god in India; they are treated above humans, in fact the title of super humans is given to them. It’s a reward by the public which makes them so popular and noticeable.

Every year there is increasing population of saints which not only distribute the concentration of the audience but the audience also gets the variety and alternatives. Saints are in millions and every one has its own popularity and glamour.

Every year Indians contribute in the making of tents and other setups by there valuable donations. The donations received by these religious saints group are in millions and billions. Some are so much flourished in there teachings that there lifestyle is like any big multinational company owner. Well being a saint is business in India and its success lies in the fact that Indians get sacred very easily on the name of god.

There are so many ways by which Indians are cheated in the name of god. The saints of India have a beautiful setup which separates them from the entire audience. Whatever they teach is not new, most of them read and speak by the reference book always available with them but still Indians don’t feel like buying the same book and reading it as no body believes in hard work. Its not that Indians follow these morals and ethics taught by these professional corporate saints , They don’t even know the abcd of morals and ethics as there is lot of difference in theory and reality.

Every saint has some degrees and qualifications by which they perform so well. Mind it there qualifications are not academic but paranormal. Most of them are excellent in worshipping devil and other paranormal activities. They become powerful by frequent use of black magic and worship. Most of them have opened workshops where they guarantee ultimate solutions to every problem. From love to marriage to job to acting, they give insurance for every issue. Indians enjoy the services of these saints without any usage of common sense. They frequently visit and follow these saints who are nothing but the biggest enemies of mankind.

Saints are never considered wrong or incorrect. There every word and every action is considered the gods decision. But the biggest twist which lies in this trust is still not disclosed. Indians are very emotional and sentimental when it comes to the respect and self esteem of there favorite saint.

Many saints were engaged in controversy and sex scandals, thanks to media and there alertness because they were successful in taking the full coverage. Seeing the favorite saint trapped in sex scandal is the biggest indigestible bone. There had been revolts and undesirable inhuman violent attempts whenever any saint is questioned and objected for his/her wrong actions. The people cannot hear anything against there favorite saint even if the saint is a culprit. They just cannot think beyond reality. For them there saint is god. Any normal common men after becoming a famous saint is not considered a normal human. Indians never allow the saints to enjoy there own private life as there life becomes a public property. Indian people become possessive and they cannot see the reality of there saints as blind fold is a favorite option in India.

Many saints were caught red handed in criminal activities but still the power and trust of people breaks the guts of the constitution and police. The cops not only feel afraid but they cannot even question the saints for there strange activities. Always cropped up with body guards these saints enjoy the life of luxury and comfort as people are showering there hard-earned money for that one look and blessing. Every one joins the parade for a purpose, everyone has some wishes and desires and they urge for it, they want to see there dreams come true, they want to erase hard work from there lives and that’s why these saints flourish like sky as they know that Indians dances on the tunes of miracles and blessings which will foster there self interest.

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