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How placement agencies earn millions in India?

How placement agencies earn millions in India?

I know you all are attracted to this article as the topic of this article is favorable to everyone. Well every one gets attracted by the glimpse of money; it’s a common and usual thing. Anyways I will not waste your time in any twists or word games. You must be thinking that how can a placement agency fetch millions?

The most common way to fetch money is through placement agency. Well opening a placement agency is a tough task especially if you are not ready for any hard work. Trust me its not a white collar job, it looks simple and easy but it is quite hectic as the service is provided through servants and other type of workers.

 The unlucky part of this business is that most of the servants and other workers provided by these agencies are not genuine and guaranteed. There authenticity is in question as the type of verification people do is usually shocking and limited.

 Most of the placement agencies are giving growth to prostitution as the lady servants are of below poverty line which  are purchased by there families which is surely against the law and order . there is no verification of these placement agencies as no one is concerned about these things , people are busy in earning money and they need servants to take there responsibilities and duties.

Indian people cannot work without servants and they feel handicapped when they get load of physical work and that is house keeping which requires physical efforts. The business of placement agency can be the most amazing business and can give you loads of money if you avoid every type of corruption. 

Being loyal and providing right service without any corruption and crime may seem impossible but my dear friends impossible it self says I am possible. There are very few agencies that prefer giving right employment without any misguiding baits and tricks.

The game plan of these agencies is so terrible and shocking that you will feel insecure. Most of the young girls are either kidnapped or fooled by the formula of marriage and love. Most of the men from these agencies marry these innocent girls and give some money to the girls family which defiantly creates a feeling of trust and faith among the family members , after bringing them to the city they re tortured till there last breath. They are forcefully sent for work and are even sold to brothels.

Many placement agency owners work as pimp with the blanket of fake profile. Sexually exploited and emotionally frustrated woman are trapped in these dangerous circles of monsters, they often commit crimes in the houses where they are employed in order to kick out there anger and frustration.

There are very few people who act responsible and consider police verification before hiring. The biggest problem is that there is no strictness towards self protection. Poverty is the biggest evil which provokes the poor people to commit crime. After exploitation these poor people consider the whole world as there enemy and often becomes defensive and dangerous.

The biggest drawback is illiteracy which does not allow the development of brain and sense.
Another nightmare these women go through is rape and assault. Although we live in 21st century but still today things have not changed. Today even most of the women are living as sex slave in big mansions. There life is nothing but a horrible mess, they are not allowed to meet there families, some are so much controlled that they have not even seen there family from years. Woman who willingly offer sex and service are also not less, there main intention is money making and black mailing. Big tycoons are often blackmailed after countless sex encounters. This game of placement looks simple and sophisticated and easy but it is not in reality.

Moreover other placement workers like drivers, guards, labors etc are also not safe as there is no professionalism among illiterate people. Most of the agencies enjoy big commissions and high margins in these services. The salary given to these poor workers by these agencies is very less and the money charged for the services is triple from the actual salary. Less pay and more work creates a feeling of revolt and anger which is seriously not a safe affair. Every year we notice uncountable cases of robbery, rape, murder and assault conducted by these frustrated poor people. The things become worse when some agencies get involved in the crime.

It does not mean that all the placement agencies are bad but we don’t have to trust everyone blindly. Our one careful step can prevent lot of troubles as being safe and alive is better than any thing. It’s better to make our self work friendly in order to decrease the involvement of outsiders in our house. No work is bad and we should not feel guilty in cleaning and maintaining our house as housekeeping will not fade our ego or pride. The time is coming when the servants will not be easily available as the government policies are not peoples friendly. We have to trust our self not others specially when the world outside is dangerous and unfriendly.

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