Saturday, September 1, 2012

Why Indians are slow in development?

Some blame the circumstances, some blame the lifestyle, some blame the politicians, some blame the government, some blame over population and some blame the country but what’s the real reason behind Indians slow development?

It can be development of any type from health to fitness, to technology to standard of living to glamour or may be everything. If we see from a magnifying glass we will notice some development but from the naked eye, there is no development visible. Do you have time to think about it? Can you really suspect the reasons which creates barrier in your own development?

Well Indians are Indians , they are very quick in copying stuff, some do hard work but most of them are so much frustrated from there daily life that they look out for negative ways to knock out there tensions and stress. Indians are real food lovers and that’s why adulterated food is widely successful.

The most interesting weak point Indians have is that they enjoy digging there noses in some ones business and if they see anyone leading luxury life they feel jealous very easily , its alright but feeling jealous from a stranger is seriously madness.

Indians are crazy for cars and homes and they spend lakhs and crores on them without noticing the actual need and priority which gives chance to builders to snatch money from there heavy bulging pockets.

Indians love to spit remarks and comments on any ones character, they judge people easily and they also suffer from misconceptions.

The craziest thing about them is that they are crazy for imported stuff it can be a car or clothes or even a girl. Anything imported is a blessing for them; they can even consider imported garbage as gift.

Most of the Indians hate there country and that’s why they study hard and go abroad. Indians know and believe that they cannot change there countries condition nor they can help in any development. There life runs around girlfriend, job and food and rest is not so important for them. There is hardly any scope of technology as every technique is imported.

Blaming others for there loss is there old habit and they only consider themselves as innocent. Indian politicians are eating all the money and still people vote them again and again. Most of them are not even concerned with the country as they know that they do not have guts to save there own country.

Indians have a legal mindset that dowry is there birth right which not only creates uncountable divorce cases but murder and rape cases are also high in number. The law and order of India is slow like Indians, thousands of cases are pending and there is no hope for the victims. When Indian politicians are caught red-handed in scams, they proudly exhibit it as there generation right.

Indian youth enjoys harassing girls and guys with the excuse of ragging, every year there are noticeable cases of death just because of ragging.

Indians enjoy hiding there actual income as they know that the taxable amount will go in politicians accounts which also gives losses to national treasure.

Indians look out for excuses to kill each other, they fight on very small things like on road if any car is hit by there car.

Higher illiteracy rate in India divides Indians from Indians and the difference is so big that educated Indians have there own world away from uneducated Indians. Most of the Indians don’t even know anything about there nation but when it comes to porn and sex they are pretty educated.

Well there double standards make them hypocrite as they enjoy sex but still hate it in public. Indians do whatever they can to make there life comfortable rest may go to hell.

Making money by attacking religious weakness is there old strategy and that’s why most of the saints are enjoying life king size by there religious teachings.

The double standard with Indians is that they commit crime also and they stand against crime at the same time. Well India is a secular country and there is so much talent and variety but still it will remain slow in development.

Hmmm after reading all the above statements what you are feeling?

Are you feeling angry?

Or you are smiling or laughing?

Are you concerned?

Do you find above statement wrong?

Or you support what is written above?

Well if you are not feeling anything then you seem like a non living thing to me and if you are feeling something then it seems that little bit of sense and conscious is still alive inside you.

If you are feeling angry then it’s a good sign , it seems you don’t support the above allegations and you can prove that the above written statements are wrong , you are not like that but if you are not feeling angry then it seems you are the one who knew that whatever is written above is right and justified.

If you are smiling or laughing on this article then defiantly you don’t care about anything, anyone can label your identity and anyone can comment on your existence, you are just not interested in anything.

If you are really concerned then you should acknowledge the above statements as mirror and work hard to change every line. Hope you are that much concerned.

You will find the above statements wrong if you will work hard to prove them wrong. This may take time but defiantly you will change the thinking and mindset of others regarding you.

Finally if you support the above written statements then nothing can be done. Just enjoy the corruption you deserve.

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