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why india is not blessed with educated people ?

Why India is not blessed with educated people?

India is the country which represents the whole world. From every cast to every religion, everyone can live freely, independently without any pressure and bindings. This quality of India makes it unique in the whole world. Every year millions of visitors migrate from there home lands and lives and settle in India, the reason behind this is amazing hospitality and a welcoming attitude towards everyone. Here knowledge and technology is accepted without any barrier. No matter whom you are but if you have something to offer then India will welcome you.

The most amazing quality India has is its unique talents and every state has its own unique culture and art. The power and impact of these artistic and fascinating traditions is that it can really make a mark in the whole world.

From food to textiles to art to entertainment India has everything in excess but still India is known as the developing country. Its 2012 and the world has changed drastically but why India is still developing?

The manpower India has is strong and bold enough that it can be used in any job. There is no shortage of human resource and in most of the work area disguised unemployment is practiced but still India is struggling.

Is it because of lack of resources? But it is noticeable that India has plenty of resources that it can feed its own population without any outside help but still India is not able to meet the needs of its people. Why?

Besides so much advancement in food, some portion of Indian population is still suffering from malnutrition. Indians have big farms and agricultural output but still people fall ill after eating those fruits and vegetables which are infected with pesticides and still there is no prevention. Why ?

Besides having everything, India behaves like it has nothing. Why?

The reason behind all this mess is lack of education and knowledge. There are resources but there is no knowledge about there right usage. The most shocking example of this is the politicians; most of the elected politicians are illiterate and some are even from crime world. They are not selected on the basis of there knowledge and caliber but on the basis of there money and physical power. How can they run a nation when they do not have any experience? Being older does not make anyone smart. Knowledge and education makes us a man from a monkey but India and its people do not acknowledge the importance of education.

Millions of students who graduate through schools/colledges enjoy corruption in there teenage as most of them allow candidates to cheat and copy in exchange of money. Moreover many times the examiner himself writes the answers of the question paper on the black board for better comfortable cheating. The youth gets there inspiration from these corrupt acts and they choose money as the exchange commodity for there every job. For them education is of no use as they can easily get there degrees by giving money. Well it was an example of academic qualification. The most shocking and breathtaking thing is that even students of professional courses like doctor and engineer give bribes and donations to the college for passing the exams.

Moreover taking huge bribes in the form of donations is a normal affair these days and there cannot be any prevention as some portion goes to the higher authorities who give license to these institutes and colleges. Most of the colleges do not have the suitable arrangements and staff which can give right education to the children but still this business is going high with the rocket speed.

Teachers are busy in completing the syllabus rest they are not concerned who understands and who doesn’t. Students come for time pass only as most of them are busy in ragging and others in girlfriend /boyfriend drama. There is no sincerity towards grasping knowledge and that’s why exams are like hell for the Indian students.

The biggest example of this is that they easily forget what they read in there previous semester, as they just grasp it like pill but do not pressurize themselves for better understanding.

Parents are only concerned with high percentage but not with the education. They don’t even know whether there children understand the concepts of the book or they just pass the time.

Well most of the population in India is illiterate, some do not have money and resources and some do not want to study. Moreover government is not at all serious about the education of poor people and that can be seen by the working of government schools. The atmosphere of government schools is horrifying; from the teachers to the environment everything is uneducated and adulterated. Even the midday meal given to the poor children by school authorities is sometimes adulterated and insufficient.

There is no procedure by which poor children can grasp free education and that’s why most of them leave there studies in 4th to 5th grade and choose other working options to earn money.

Illiteracy gives rise to corruption as an illiterate person cannot earn its living easily. Although there is high demand of labor and workers who can do physical work but the pay they get is horrifying. They can only fetch food from that pay. There are no strict rules and regulations which can control the activities which lead to unemployment. Millions of vacancies in government job go empty every year as not every one is able to apply for them. Those who apply by hard work are also mistreated as consideration is given to donation and bribe.

Education gives us a broad way of thinking, we can easily examine the situation and can suggest required solution if we are aware about the things going on. Uneducated person cannot take right decision as lack of knowledge gives rise to unprofessional attitude.

It has been seen that uneducated people are more into criminal activities as they do not have any sincerity and fear of the law and order. Uneducated people usually trap themselves by small baits and do awful activities. Knowledge is valuable and it not only gives us our right but it also gives us the power to make the right decisions.

There are very few inventions in our country as only some hardworking people did tremendous efforts to bring a change but we cannot expect the feeling of sacrifice and dedication from Indian people.

This lenient action towards education and this careless attitude is making the nation a sick nation as no knowledge or part knowledge is pretty dangerous.

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