Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why corruption is also important?

As we all know about the latest scams and scandals conducted by the government, we put the entire blame on the politicians and current government. well the thing is every person is equally responsible for this mess the reason behind this is that some laws are not taken seriously and when we disobey them , we get punished and in order to save our ass from the punishment we offer bribe and unluckily not every one is born honest . In this era of expensive living and inflation everyone desire for luxury and comfort, no one says no to easy money as its happening everywhere.

From cops to civil servants to other government officials, all of them are compelled to take bribe as we people of India do not want to get punished for our actions which are against law.

We Indians know that everyone is for sale here so we do not hesitate in offering the right prize; in fact the rates are fixed according to the intensity of crime. Well this cat and dog race works through rapid speed and in the process of day and night millions of culprits get bail every year and most of the innocent get trapped into unwanted criminal affairs. Well there is no mercy to the mankind, the humans are choosing cannibalism for their survival, in short it’s a procedure; it’s the real way by which the country works.

People still don’t know the real picture of the society, trust me its disastrous. Well private sector is the biggest corruption creators, they know the real ways by which they can fetch money, in order to help themselves with favorable policies, they are also compelled to offer unbelievable amount of money in shape of donations to the politician’s party funds. Well every multinational company is made to make profits , the utilitarian nature of these companies makes them more practical in their goal , whatever comes in their way whether law or any person , they purchase it or destroy it depending on the situation.

The cops do not get the desired and favorable pay scale so it’s obvious that they will favor politicians and business man for their kitchen.

Every one wants to work with full stomach, no body can work empty stomach but still some are working empty stomach and their only source of food is corruption.

we all want big profits in our jobs or any work we do. 

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