Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What is the simplest way to end corruption?

If I would mention the simplest way to end corruption then it is love. Now please don’t link love with sex or lust, its different here. The way you are with your parents, the feelings which are pure and genuine and specially the love and care you get and you give to your guardians, is amazing and precious than everything. Well I know it’s almost impossible to express the most valuable and unconditional selfless love to the people we are not attached but no matter you believe it or not, love has the most ultimate power and it can surely change the entire mankind.

You may find it impossible right now as we all are cropped up with negative elements and our own self negative thinking which compels us to think negatively, all the time. I am not asking you to trust any stranger, I am not advocating you to express showers of love, what I am advocating and suggesting is the boycott of hatred and acceptance of people with love. Love is such a vast subject that one life is not enough to understand it. Well the biggest mistake we do is we express love and then we make the person realize our efforts, the realization process which we create in order to show our mercy and ego is the biggest sin we do.

Expressing love is the most difficult task as people often do valuable mistakes which create negative and opposite environment. Well everyone is human first and foremost and then anything else and that is the biggest fact which we have to understand.

Secondly we have to feel the sentiments and emotions of others too. When we get hurt , we cry we do everything crazy just to make our self feel better but when others are hurt we don’t even let them cry , this is the most dangerous attitude we have that we only concentrate on our self , rest are treated invisible.

We often criticize people and tease them when we notice there weakness and abnormalities , by doing so we exhibit to the world that we are superior than them but is that gona give any award to us? Why we do that? Who will notice and reward us with some trophy for humiliating the weak person?

Well calling someone fat will not make you slim and pointing someone because of there abnormality will not give any extra knowledge and perfection to you. These small factors lead to big fights which soon turn into big disastrous events. Let me give the simplest example of the incidents which changed the life of people.

A college student was always humiliated and poked negatively for his ugliness and shyness, the girl he was dating used him for money, later she ditched him but that was okay for him. The things became worse when everyone including his ex girl friend humiliated him, exploited him and these negative elements criticized him to such great extent that he did the most awful act to take revenge from the girl. He ruined her life as well as his own life by doing the crime which was violent and unethical. Well the feeling which makes us feel revengeful is the most critical and horrifying feeling. Never ever humiliate or hurt anyone as no one is god and no one is perfect. We all are humans and we all should respect each other.

Similarly, a young man who was happily married was always considered disgraceful and disrespectful because of his caste. Well upper caste and lower caste is invented by the humans, it’s not a gods decision. The almighty treats everyone equally. The egoistic inhuman upper caste monsters attacked the soul of the pathetic lower caste men by not allowing him to visit the temple as the temple was only made for the upper caste. Well these double standard and hypocrite thinking of people also provoke the religious sentiments of people who believe that they are not considered humans just because of there background and community. Again this is the biggest attack on a person’s individuality and gives rise to revengeful and negative thinking. The biggest example of this is communal riots which causes loss of millions of lives in seconds.

Most of us hate poor people because we are blessed with richness. No doubt we and our parents have achieved the state of richness with hard work but considering poor as invisible is something beyond humanity. We often treat poor people so badly that there self-esteem and self respect stands in question. They often show there presence and respect by doing everything which is shocking and terrible. They often do such criminal activities which not only ruin them but it also ruins our whole settled life.

Well these are very small incidents which lead to the most disastrous and biggest criminal activities and corruption in our country with some politics thrown in.

Its time to create a big change and that would be done by creating a positive environment. Try out some change and note down these points as a change in our attitude can really make things favorable and positive to some extent and don’t forget that we always have to try our best for the good. Please don’t let your ego dominate the humanity left inside you, be a human as at the end of the day we all need one thing at that is peace.

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