Saturday, September 15, 2012

LOCAL SLUTS WANT TO FUCK? what the hell is this ?


It might seem familiar to you but trust me it’s not good, well many sex freaks do click these types of advertisements but the most shocking thing is that I saw this awful advertisement on a social networking site.

Well seems like the censorship on internet is very liberal, comparing this with television, television seems like a kid in front of the internet style of entertainment.

On one hand the government shows their hypocrite attitude and their fake concern by dubbing and omitting some intimate scenes from the Indian movies, on other hand internet is a free source to approach any type of prostitute or pimp.

Not only this websites exhibiting porn are not less in number, from young kids to teenagers everyone can freely browse and learn the sex positions and methods. Well this sex education may help them in fetching partners but from carrier and mental development point of view the progress will be unsatisfactory. The population will increase defiantly as sex and lust development is on high scale thanks to these entertainment sources.

Well most of the Indian movie producers spend huge amount of money to get their movies untouched by the censor board, well offering bribe may prevent their movies from omitting and editing but their budget defiantly get high on scale which is ultimately taken from the audience in shape of increased ticket prices and taxes.

Well film industry's creativity and innovation is also affected by the policies of sensor board but what about internet? Getting internet service is not a big world war task, I guess anyone can get it and there is no control over the foreign adult websites.

A cartoonist gets punishment for depicting the reality and true picture of political leaders but the people who are boldly exhibiting prostitution on internet are not even questioned. Well this is the hypocrite attitude of the political leaders who don’t have any control on crime but certainly have big control on innocent people.

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