Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sometimes I feel that fighting against corruption is foolishness

Sometimes I feel that fighting against corruption is foolishness

I am an Indian and I live in the most beautiful and exotic country, I proudly call it incredible India and it is one of the best nations in the world. I was, I am and I will be always a fan and a follower of the Indian customs and traditions. I respect the sentiments and the thinking of people towards there religion and customs. I enjoy living in my country, as an Indian citizen I feel that I am blessed as I have seen everything in my country. I was so much fascinated from the childhood that I was like obsessed to bring change; I always used to compare our developing country with other developed countries. I just loved everything which can really make me feel proud about my nation. Although I have not done any job of bravery and I haven’t done anything extraordinary to make my family or friends proud but my little effort makes me feel proud every time.

I remember I always used to talk about country and its issues and problems and current affairs and many of friends boycotted me just because they found me boring and desperate. For them it was an attention seeking motive, they always had a doubt in my feelings of patriotism and they criticized me million times for being a book worm. I use to kill my loneliness and isolation by reading and drawing, that’s only what I had as I cannot just bore everyone. They always used to tease me by saying that I am trying to act like any big national leader or some popular activist and I used to feel very devastated and pathetic. It was because the people who were my inspiration were not taken seriously by those who should follow them and respect them. The freedom fighters died in the war against corruption and to save the bright future of the coming generation they did this sacrifice which was uncountable and amazing but looking at that same generation who is laughing at there effort and bravery , I was heart broken. This state where I felt sad and helpless was labeled as my abnormality. Well for youngsters of my group, talking bout serious issues was totally backward.

I really don’t understand why we ignore something which needs attention at any cost, may because we cannot change it or control it, we simply ignore it.

Don’t you feel angry when you see corruption all around?

Don’t you question yourself that who is responsible for this?

No matter whom you are , everyone at there point of time is affected by the power of corruption , we might ignore our one or two encounters with corruption but several encounters with corruption is a big danger to our freedom. Why we cannot fight against corruption? Why we all cannot step outside and express our anger and revolt?

Why we cannot become honest towards ourselves and towards the nation?

Well millions of us are cropped up and affected by corruption; we are forced to use the corruption as nothing can be done without taking the help of corruption. Being innocent and honest is not enough and to survive and to raise the standard of living people make tremendous efforts to earn money, the sources through which money comes are defiantly sometimes not good and unacceptable but people have the biggest excuse in hand, they get inspiration from there own political leaders who are putting the future of the country in danger.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, when powerful figures commit crimes, no body can question them or punish them as they has other powerful supporters to defend them and there powers in terms of money and man is not ordinary. A normal average person is a no body for politicians and considered invisible in front of the powerful leaders, his voice is of no use and no one is ready to listen to him.

The country and its people dances on the tunes of money and power, those who are blessed with power and money are the king and they have every right to criticize and acknowledge. There wrong acts become fashion and there copied debates become history but the most thoughtful verdict from an average layman becomes a sin.

My friends always tell me that no matter how much social activist fight against corruption, there efforts will not succeed as the highest majority is corrupt which also includes other people who are not the part of politics.

Well corruption is not only the politician’s affair; it is invented by everyone who worships money before god.

But what about those who want to bring a change?

Should we all act like blind, deaf and main?

How can we tolerate this mess?

Well some are afraid that if they will stand against corruption things might become dangerous for them too as a normal average person who has no support feels totally lost and helpless. Putting life in danger for the welfare of people seems hard and difficult as the people are not at all concerned.

I have seen many incidents on television where the cruelty and exploitation is attacking the local people who show courage to fight against corruption. The system do not show any mercy to the people who are against corruption. From teenagers to ladies to old men everyone is beaten and punished, these merciless actions of government and the political leaders affect the growing honest volunteers and activist.

Sometimes I feel that fighting against corruption is foolishness as the corruption creators are not ordinary and things can be very dangerous especially when our protection is in question.

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