Saturday, September 1, 2012

Questions that still linger in every Indian’s mind.

I am not talking about history over here and I have no intention of digging the old secrets but I really want us to know the real reason which is purely responsible for India’s partition. I know it happened years ago but its impact is still alive in today’s current scenario. The corruption we are facing today in India is also because of that ugly partition. The divide and rule policy of British was so powerful and horrible that today even millions of families are suffering.

It’s a surprising thing that the country which was one and united is today leading a confusing life. India and Pakistan are two nations today but there is no feeling of love and brotherhood. Although the governments of both the nations are trying there best to create an atmosphere of acceptance and love but nothing new is done to erase the anger and hatred.

Why the British were successful in creating this difference? The people who were together and living under one roof are today behaving like enemies. Why Hindus and Muslims were fighting when they knew that all this is happening in order to destroy there unity and love?

Who is responsible for creating differences among people on the basis of caste, community and religion?

Why one considers there religion superior than others?

Every religion acknowledges love and brotherhood. Every religion acknowledges non violence. No religion advocates us to hate each other. Then on what grounds we are fighting? We all have some religious and cultural values and every one is equal and respectable. Then why religious superiority is needed? Why people are forced to change there religion and accept the religion of the administration? Why there is no end to the hatred and irrelevant violence? Why politics is conducted on the basis of religion?

Well the most important factor which leads to India’s partition was the lack of unity among people. Before British arrival, the Mughal and Hindu rulers were working and developing there belonging states, there were small issues related to religion superiority and cultures but still there was understanding and unity but everything changed after British arrival as British came to India as administrators not settlers, there main strategy was to divide the people so terribly that they will follow British for every need and want. They knew that the people are pretty sensitive towards there religious and cultural views, moreover there was issue of communalism and cast on small scale. These issues were noticeable to British and there only job was to enlarge them into the most giant manner. These issues became more highlighted and big which created the atmosphere of hatred and violence. Every one was scared as they all want security of there religion and culture.

After partition, there was a new country formed known as Pakistan today. Well British left the country but there policy is still working as a disease eating both of the nations. Well both of the nations India and Pakistan has there own way of working; both of the countries are developing and opportunistic. They both have hardworking and honest people but what now? Now things should be positive and acceptable as no one is acting as barrier. Both the countries are flourishing and independently growing then why there is any need of terrorist attacks? Why still atom bombs and all terrorist create negative and disastrous atmosphere? Why there is still tension going on?

The time and effort and money which are wasted on terrorism and violence are seriously annoying. Its better to use these valuable resources on the countries development which will not only remove poverty but will also create a respectful position as a nation.

But the most important question is why people follow terrorism? What do they feel by killing people? Doing terrorist attacks give anything? What kind of comfort they get by running lives of thousands of people? Is this humanity? Which religion advocates terrorism and killing people?

There is no damn reason which compels terrorist to do these awful activities but still this is done frequently. Thousands of young bloods are choosing terrorism as there profession. Why?

There is no solution to this problem as peace is not easily available. The political system and the ministers are the only ones who are responsible for this birth of terrorism. Innocent people are misguided for snatching votes. They get votes by creating disturbance in atmosphere by attacking religious sentiments but this is ruining the world, this is ruining the humanity, this is ruining the love. I don’t understand how anyone can face god by killing thousand soft innocent people. What gives so much courage to ruin the nature and lives?

Today every nation is affected by terrorism. I don’t understand what kind of superiority these terrorist feel after killing people? Do they consider themselves as god? Why they are doing this? Are they really humans? Why they do not have any emotion left? What makes them so hard and dangerous?

Why people do not understand the meaning of unity? This world needs love , care , support , unity. Treating every person equally is the primary motive. What kind of enjoyment someone feel by giving pain to the other? Why politicians act like monsters? Why they create the feeling of revolt and tension? Is this all about vote bank and money?

Who will stop this corruption and exploitation?

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