Thursday, September 6, 2012

Making out for LOVE

Making out for love

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Millions or you can say billions fall in love every minute. We see any attractive body and we get our self carried away but besides knowing everything why we call it love?

Why quotes like love at first sight are used to prove the intentions?

Well there is nothing called love at first sight, really it can never happen. The lust is labeled as love and the love is labeled as lust.

We often disclose our feelings to the people we really like and it totally depends on them whether they will accept our feelings or not. Today rejection is an issue, after rejection we automatically blame our self and characterize our-self as loser. We never ever try to understand what we really desire? Running after beautiful figures will only label us as cheapest as our own self respect seems doubtful.

Begging in love is one of the most common and useless acts we perform, it’s not a joke and it’s not a game, its a serious issue which not only disturbs our personality but also our self esteem.

Love is never forced on anyone and expecting love at any cost is foolishness as well as the most immature attitude towards life. We treat love as a commodity and expects it to come to us, as an old say we cannot exchange love by money and love is not available in super markets but the definition of love is different for people, they quickly link sex with love and act dumbly like some lusty puppy who has no aim in life except sex which they call love.

Naming sex as love will never change anything and our soul and our conscious always tell us that what we are doing is wrong but still we ignore it and move forward towards this journey of sex.

Unluckily lack of knowledge and immaturity creates the most awkward situations for us. We never try to examine the effects of before and after making out. For some its true love and for some its just pure sex. The one who considers their partner as lover end up with disappointment as they never try their best in understanding the nature. Instead of noticing and understanding the nature and temperament we utilize our whole time and effort in examining the body stats which not only creates nuisance but we also end up in most disastrous situations where the world seems heartless.

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