Wednesday, September 5, 2012

love or lust- confused

Love beyond everything

Love, it’s not a thing it’s a feeling which can really affect every species on this planet. Love is something which is eternal, long lasting and unbelievably strong. The power of love can create a revolution. When we agree that we are in love we do whatever we could to prove our self. Well as we all know that love can happen anywhere and it does not see boundaries and limitations but these quotes about love seem lovable only in books and films.

The reality is seriously strange as love is often a misguided shadow taking the shelter of lust. Well our lust creates attraction and that attraction becomes addiction and attachment if we get a positive response from the opposite sex. Well expecting love without knowing each other is foolishness. The biggest problem with youngsters is that they easily misguide themselves and treat there lust as love , there lust affairs lasts for some months or years and sooner or later they find unwanted reasons to end the relationship. It has been seen that all this breakup strategy comes from guy’s side as girls are pretty sensitive towards love and emotions.

Men know that they can never approach the girl with pure honesty , they cannot disclose there cruel intentions as not every girl will agree on casual sex but lust is lust , the more you try to control it the more you feel insane and helpless. Well the most amazing and nice way of fulfilling the ultimate lust is marriage but not every guy acknowledge this useful process. For them marriage is nothing but a barrier in there path of victory and success, most of the guys want to feel and act like Casanova, they want to taste every girl like a spice.

The biggest mistake girls do is they give there virginity on the base of trust and sentiments. Even the most practical and urbanized woman get themselves fooled in this love game as for guys Promises are meant to be broken. The concept of early marriage seems very odd and backward to young generation, they want to enjoy sex but they don’t want to ruin there intimate moments with the introduction of children and responsibility. They cannot easily go to brothels and they cannot waste there time is masturbating; dating seems the easiest and cheapest way to experience sex.

Well unluckily most of the woman treat there lovers as there husbands which is seriously not acceptable to them as for them being an open fuck buddy is a better option. Guys never want to be in a committed relationship as they want there options to be open. The most optimistic and opportunistic today’s metropolitan guys want a committed girlfriend but they do not want to be into the committed circle as there independence is there key to success. Sooner or later every committed girl acts as wife and approach friends and media for the inspection of there lover as they cannot share him but guys often take this mess very seriously. For them the concept of spy is too possessive which not only breaks them apart but also creates unwanted fights.

Woman are the future but they get themselves exploited at very early age, selecting the guy of there choice is not bad but becoming insane in love is seriously the most dangerous step if they are not sure about the real intentions. It’s always advisable to be open to the parents regarding the likings and choices because big secrets cause big tragedies. Our parents are our real well-wishers, they will never misguide us but still they seem more fake to us as our new love seems more true to us. The dominance of puberty and uncontrollable lust make situations complex and young woman are forced to attempt the most awful steps.

Most of the young generations are still unaware about the deep concept of love. There misconceptions feed them with boyfriends and girlfriends and they label there every affair as love. The importance of love is never taken seriously and that’s why love does not consider the lovers importance.

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