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How can you become a super human ?

How can you become a super human ?

Well we all are same human beings with different body types and shapes. Although we all are different in the size and color and features but the most important thing which binds us together is being human. Yes we all are human and we all have same human traits and behavior.

Generally humans are considered the most upgraded and developed species and that is seriously true as we humans have achieved what no body can imagine. In the whole animal kingdom , the species who is ever lasting and dominating is us and we have came so far that we can even make a new world on some other planet.

Being human is a blessing seriously you should be grateful to god that you are born as a human instead of any animal. We never realize the importance of our existence as human as this concept is very common today, we have seen millions and billions like us and we know that there is no one else in the whole universe who will dominate us. But only acknowledging our existence in a small way is ridiculous, in fact we should really acknowledge it in the bigger way but how can we do that? What’s the process?

Well most of the humans have really achieved that state of acknowledgement, there power and there position tells them every second that yes they are super humans but what’s the real definition of super humans for you? Who do you think is a super human?

Well most of us acknowledge the development and superiority in terms of money, status and fame. Well no body acknowledges the efforts and hard work which a human should do in order to make a big difference. There are plenty of millionaires and billionaires in the whole world , so we cannot call them super humans as they all have what others have , just there is a small difference of the ratio rest all are the travelers of same ship.

Well building extraordinary, creating something unusual, making innovation, changing the world, bringing revolution, creating history makes you a super human. You truly respect your soul, you truly acknowledge and admire your existence as human after doing extra ordinary jobs, you madly salute yourself as you prove that you are not ordinary, you are a super human. when somebody achieve that state , they are pampered by all the tempting baits , from money to status to fame everything follows them and even if they don’t get these baits , they still are the only one who did the invention. There name becomes immortal, there existence question others what they have achieved?

Have I made it large? You must have heard this many times but seriously no one has time to really understand this question. Well money , status and fame are all ordinary achievements which really don’t give much of a proud feeling as most of the ordinary achievers use negative ways to earn that ordinary achievement , they might be popular in there social world but certainly are not recognized worldwide. They might get media attention but still they look like some brand and not a super human. Well those who value superiority in terms of money are the biggest losers as they waste there time and there purpose of existence, they spend there over bulging money on materialistic satisfaction and luxury without any innovative approach.

Well surprisingly some who do not count superiority on the basis of money and status are also wasting there time and existence as humans as they are always busy in gossiping , backstabbing , teasing , ragging , sexual harassment , stealing , fighting , conning , trafficking , ego , anger , exploitation , prostitution , corruption , rape , assault , drugs and other uncountable activities. These useless activities may provide relief and satisfaction to the body but the soul can never feel peaceful after committing these negative activities. Well most of the humans try to show there superiority and existence by committing these activities, no matter how much criticism they gain, they feel that they are different and they have achieved something. They label the criticism of other humans as jealousy and they keep on doing these activities as it provides comfort to there ego and self-esteem.

Although people who are busy in these negative activities have the most dangerous and negative and low self esteem which makes them feel inferior all the time, they commit these crimes to prove there self, It can be connected to attention seeking maniacs as they want someone around them, they want to be discussed, they want to be pampered whether positively or negatively, they just don’t care about the results. Well doing all these activities really prove that they do not belong to the human species, they are not born to be a human, and in fact they deserve anything worse than hell. They are the black spot on mankind as there awful activities question the existence and purpose of human species.

If we feel that killing someone for food or money makes us superior than its better to be animal as animals are dependent on other creatures for food , there goal of life is food and survival and if humans will behave like animals then there is no point to be a human . They should feel guilty about there existence as human as what they are doing is unacceptable and unrealistic from human point of view. It’s a known fact that the psychology and brain development of animals is not so developed that they can do inventions, there brain and there existence is planned and limited to themselves and there survival. Humans are far more different than animals in every way , we have came so far that we can even clone animals and other species , then why humans are behaving like animals ? Why they are killing other humans? Why they are being wild and dangerous?

People like Neil Armstrong , Mother Teresa , Galileo , Thomas Edison , Gandhi ji , shahjahan, arya Bhatt and other uncountable wonderful entities who are the blessing to mankind are the real creators of innovation , these and many like them who are the most influential people in the whole world , they proved there existence as human , they inspire the world , they are acknowledged by every human being , they will remain forever and nobody can steal there achievement in anyway. Being a super human is being extraordinary, doing something good really good for the mankind.

Now it’s up to you, how do you value your existence?

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