Friday, September 7, 2012

Do we really need social activist for improving the nation(india)?

Well when we do something whether good or bad, we never acknowledge and entertain any body interference and disturbance. Any activity which we do voluntarily, we never allow any body suggestions or remarks as that activity is truly planned and self satisfying. Well millions commit crimes in seconds, they do not call there criminal activity as crime but certainly they name it as a good cause. Like government which is cropped up by scams always defend themselves by saying that whatever they did was for the welfare of the people and country , in the same way any criminal after committing crime , it can be robbery , it can be rape , they defend themselves by the excuse of pressure and torture by the victim.

We all are growing up and we all are watching what is going on in our country. We should really thank our tolerating power that we handle and tolerate everything happening with us, besides paying taxes every year we are not getting the required development and atmosphere. We have started to compromise and go with the flow as there is no solution, we cannot fight with the government, besides being the people of India we are helpless but some of us do not allow this harassment. They give up there tolerance level , they revolt , they object , they question , they argue , they do whatever they can to stop this injustice happening to them as they are the sufferer as well as humans. Media and politicians call these people social activist. Well instead of calling them the people of India, they are labeled as something uncommon and separate; they are not accepted like normal citizens as they show tremendous guts to fight against corruption.

The biggest problem with people is that they do not have guts to fight with the injustice and when they see anyone lighting the candle of brightness in this dark future, they just do not believe and there lack of trust and lack of support creates unbearable difficulties for the social activists as a group of some people cannot fight with the powerful system of the government and its leaders.

The biggest problem is not only lack of support but lack of interest is also equally responsible. Social activist who fight for the people do not get the interest and support of people, it looks like they are fighting for themselves only and the public is just not concerned. The public is happy with the level of corruption, they accept everything happening with them so why social activist should remain on fast and face torture and harassment from cops? For whom they are fighting?

The media instead of showing the real picture enjoys the fighting sequels of the political parties, there diplomatic judgment and remarks complex the situations as the public gets misguided. Moreover most of the actual events are still not disclosed to the public as media is into great pressure by the politicians and other powerful entities; they are compelled to show everything diplomatically in limits. The dirty secrets of this world are still secrets as not every media person has guts to take risk by showing the dirty laundry of the powerful masters.

The social activists are normal people like us who are sacrificing there life and there family for the welfare of other people. It’s a big sacrifice but unluckily very few consider and acknowledge there effort. The most important question we should ask to our self is that is there no value of someone’s selfless sacrifice? well most of us blame them and criticize them as we doubt that they are doing all this for there political carrier but we never acknowledge the result of there efforts and revolt. They might be doing all this for political carrier but there intentions are far better than the current politicians and the system as they highlighted the corruption activities and scams inaugurated by our respected politicians.

Well it’s easy to comment and blame and criticize but very difficult to step outside without fear for bringing change. We humans are so selfish that we can even sell our disease, it’s our fault finding policy that we are not blessed with the acknowledging attitude. The thing is even a small light of sacrifice and honesty can bring a drastic change.

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