Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why we cannot be honest every time we speak? ( must read)

We are always taught in schools and colleges to live on the path of honesty and loyalty. Our books always advocate us to do all the right things which make us a better human being. The knowledge and education we gain is always helpful to us. Our teachers always want to see us as doctors or engineers or lawyers, everything respectful and honorable. We never read anything negative in our school times, we are taught to obey the morals and follow the ethics but still after completing the education we forget all that positive feeling and switch to everything opposite of that. Why?

Why we cannot be honest every time we speak?

Why we have to take shelter of lie?

Is being honest is being dumb?

If we cannot follow the books we read then why do we need those books which always give us positive motivation to do right things?

We often see that the world is totally different from the world of our books. What we see around us is totally different from our books then why we do not read reality in books? Why we are not taught about the real world in our books? Why things have to be so complicated?

We all are used to this confusion. We see something bad is going on and we act like blind, deaf and main as we think that that’s the only choice we have. We cannot be honest, we cannot revolt, and we cannot fight back. Our parents, our well-wishers, our own self conscious stop us from being honest as we want to live more, we want to survive. This survival is very expensive as we have to kill our soul to live this false, plastic and adulterated life.

Why we cannot live our life with honesty and dignity?

Don’t you feel proud when you speak truth?

Is it all about being a liar and survival?

Are there any emotions or sentiments left?

What is the value of your soul and respect?

Can you really sell your soul and dignity for money?

Well soon honesty will be an extinct commodity as loyal people are either criticized or either punished. The one who revolts is always considered sinner but his intention is never acknowledged. His efforts are considered his self need and selfishness. His love for the nation is considered insanity.

Millions of social activist are ill-treated, beaten and sent to jail every year. There crime is that they are honest. There loyalty and there passion towards honesty is considered there biggest sin.

Then should we all completely allow everything even when it affects us in the most critical way. It has seen the people who are powerful have right to speak whatever they desire. There every word is carefully acknowledged and highlighted by media and people have to listen to these powerful entities no matter people like it or not.

A normal person is not allowed to speak for himself and for world as his existence is not valued , being ordinary is not a sin and being honest is a quality but still there is little acknowledgment and maximum criticism.

Honesty is bitter and using honesty in daily life is a very tough task, it can lead to disastrous consequences sometimes as not every one can digest the soup of honesty. The ego is the biggest rival of honesty and millions feel that there ego is above everything.

We are forced to live a double life where we think and act differently. We constantly have to act diplomatically as not every one is not in mood to hear reality.

But why social activist are considered different and separate from rest of the society. Instead of being appreciated and awarded for there brave and courageous steps they are insulted and humiliated. They are ignored constantly and there words are not taken seriously. I guess many of the issues of social activist our concerned with the society and its people and they fight for the welfare of mankind but still that same mankind boycotts them. When we see any social activist revolting for our own rights, what we do? We just see and comment and that’s all we can do. There are very few who step outside there houses and support them, there are very few who are ready to face the torture, there are very few who carry honesty with dignity.

But it seems like that being honest is like being sinner and there is no one to shelter them or support them as every one wants to save there teeth. So what now? Should we all tolerate what is going on? Is this is what humans are left for?

The human power is the biggest power and the population has guts to stop what is unfair as some humans among us gives rise to corruption but still we get dominated by the corrupt humans. Why innocent is always the victim? Why we cannot fight back? Why it’s always necessary to act blind, deaf and main? If behaving like nonliving thing is survival then its better to be dead.

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