Friday, September 7, 2012

Are there any solutions left which can really save India from corruption?

Well the most common solution of saving the country from corruption is self control. Yes self control is the only key which will reduce the chances of corruption and scam. Control on the lust, greed, ego, vanity, adultery, trafficking and all those negative and horrifying activities which are not acceptable in society but don’t you think that it looks like a big dream?

Well it’s fairly impossible for people to control there weakness and there greed as positive motivation and patriotism seems an impossible affair especially in today’s scenario where god is worshiped after money. Well corruption was always there, it’s coming from the history. Some were tolerating this mess, some were comfortable with it and some were revolting. This cycle of corruption, scams, criticism and revolt is happening in every scenario and there is no end to this cycle.

No matter how much awareness is created through media and public, the corruption creators are always above everything. There every decision is respected and worshipped. This population has offered tremendous powers to the elected leaders and these common people after becoming uncommon use these powers for there own welfare only. No one can stop them or try to control there activities. The one who tries to create a revolution are either purchased or killed.

Well there are thousands of excuses ready with every criminal activity and corruption. The crime is never defined as crime when conducted by the powerful people as for them it’s a mistake. Well the government is undoubtedly spanking the population and also not allowing the population to cry. Well the human nature is always demanding and when people get the required source they first and foremost fulfill there needs and wants as nobody believes in hell or paradise.

No matter how much we blame , no matter how much we criticize nothing will happen to the culprits as money is powerful and it has potential to control everything . This one life is not enough to stop corruption as millions are corrupt and billions don’t know what to do?

There is no way and no exact measure which can control or stop corruption. It’s the human who is responsible for everything and human and his soul can only take the wise decision about there nature and behavior , some prefer to be corrupt and some to be innocent but this battle is a never ending game as you never know who is corrupt ? And who is innocent?

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