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why indians are dependent on corruption ?

Why Indians are dependent on corruption?

In country like India, corruption is worshipped. No matter how much awareness and alertness is distributed through media, no matter how many non profit organizations and activist work out for the removal of corruption, it’s impossible to say goodbye to corruption.

People in India are dependent on corruption. It’s like a life line for them. Like as a human we need food, people in India need corruption to work out the things of there daily life. The corruption scale in India is not entitled to any specific sector, its everywhere. No corner is left empty, wherever we see we get corruption as a return gift because what we offered was corruption.

There are billions of instances which can prove that the people are corrupt in India and it’s not an ugly thing as every human has two sides of behavior like a coin which has two sides and that is head and tale. One side of there nature provokes them to be a culprit and other to be a saint. It depends on human to human that how they use there nature and behavior.

Every work is carried out only in the motive of getting something. No one works selflessly. Well you might say that it’s obvious that every one wants to know the results before the work is conducted but it is on the worst scale here.

People pay taxes and still they are deprived of the facilities which were promised to them at the time of elections. People are confused; they don’t know where to go. In order to take revenge from the system which exploited them, they save there money by not paying taxes adequately or many times they do not show there actual income again in order to pay less money in shape of taxes. They know that there money will be gone to the bank accounts of the politicians and not to the national treasure so why to waste it? But this is not completely true, it’s impossible for politicians to eat all the money they receive in shape of taxes, there are corrupt leaders but it does not mean that the whole system is corrupt. The visible development is because of these politicians only otherwise we would have experienced no urbanization and development.

Well the awareness is still in question as people divert there whole time in there personal affairs, no body takes time to read the policies and new laws and regulations introduced by the constitution, there description is available in the books and magazines but still people don’t find them interesting, they forget that these laws and regulations will affect the people and not the politicians so its really mandatory for them to be alert and aware about them. Moreover, nobody has time to watch the news concerned with constitution and the politicians. I asked my friends about the LOKSABHA channel and they were like totally unaware about it. The youth of the country is holding the future but unfortunately it’s not at a bright side as youth is concerned for sex and lust only. This ignorance gives confidence to corrupt politicians to take the most disastrous steps which not only prove harmful for the people but also for the nation.

We never feel and act responsible when we see any crime in front of us , There are very few who feel to intimate the cops , out of fear and anxiety we never approach the justice until unless our own blood is the victim. The selfish and materialistic attitude towards every thing makes us plastic and this weakness is notable to terrorist and culprits who enjoy committing crime. For a criminal every time, every person, every phase and every one is a target, the criminal will never spare anyone. Our lack of unity gives power to them but still we never ever feel about this. Many of you might be feeling bored right now as this article might not be your cup of tea. We people of India are irresponsible and we offer a negative and ignoring attitude towards the topic of corruption and still we complain.

The way we blame entire constitution and government is seriously annoying as we have no right to blame those politicians who are elected by our votes. We face harassment and exploitation for whole 5 years but still at the time of elections we further elect them. We say that we have no choice but we never say that we have a choice and that is revolt.

We are the people of India and our existence makes the nation, our unity frames the constitution, because of us only the constitution and government is made, because of our votes we elect people from our society to manage the country and for peaceful working. Electing ordinary people on extraordinary positions is a big task and its our right to know the progress report of our country as the voter , then how can we become so lazy and self obsessed that we do not feel any need to know the truth. This clearly means that we do not love our country; we are using the land, the air, the water of our nation. We are blessed with the tag of the real citizen and still we forget that it’s our nation. Calling nation as mother seems bookish as nobody feel and act like a son. 

We really don’t know what is love? And we will never understand the feeling of patriotism as the time of war has gone, the difficulties and problems are all disappeared by the ones who worked there entire life for the freedom of our country. There is no value of there devotion and sacrifice. How much you know about GANDHI JI , JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU JI , BHAGAT SINGH and other freedom fighters?

No one knows anything about these incredible national leaders except they read about them forcibly at the time of exams. No body has any quest and excitement in knowing these national leaders who devoted themselves completely for today’s youth comfort.

Just ask yourself why we do not love our country? Well this is the biggest and most important question you should consider.

Can you explain what you have done for your country?

Well doing something for the country means doing something for the people of the country and we know that we people do not prefer to waste our single second on someone else as doing something selflessly is not in our books.

We often invest our time in making huge profits, no matter what business we are into; we need money, power & glamour. We do everything to gain this and we never look back on our actions which are the root cause of criminal reactions.

India is blessed with poverty; the people who are born in middle class families are still at the better position as the life in poverty is a horrible nightmare which is killing people. As the rich wants to become richer and the middle class wants to experience richness, it’s obvious that the lust for money would be very high in case of people who are in poverty and below poverty line.

The people who work in our homes as servants also dream like us, they do not have money to give education to there children which again force there children to do the same job there parents did. Many compromise with there dull and awful life but not every one is ready for this compromise. They choose the most easy ways to fetch money and that is fetching money from people through any available means, it can be kidnapping, it can be robbery and sooner or later they get there degrees in crime. There energy and knowledge is used in negative cause and the consequence are known to every one.

No body comes forward to help these poor people , they are paid less and they work like dogs but still they are not acknowledged or supported as we feel that they are not humans. Do you have guts to educate any poor? Can you offer new clothes to any poor? Well we never do something without a reason. We people give are used clothes to poor people, we forget that they are humans, they also think like us, they have emotions, feelings and they also get hurt. Well we have not experienced the life in poverty and we can never understand that how it feels to work so hard and still avail the life worse than any street dog.

Poverty gives birth to crime and crime is the most disgusting line people choose when they feel helpless. Well every single person is responsible for this. Our ill treatment and anger violates the feelings of another person which gives rise to the feeling of revenge.

The biggest problem with people in India has is that they are over positive and over negative at both the times, they think that nothing bad will ever happen to them so why they should grant mercy to any victim and when it comes to thinking over negative they consider everyone culprit including there relatives and well wishers.

Well poverty is a very small example which highlights the corruption scale in India but the picture is awful and bigger…

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