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why girls are stupid when it comes to love ?

Why girls are so stupid when it comes to love?
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Before becoming a woman, a woman has to face many levels. From a child to a young lady to a mature woman, she learns so many things which not only make her an all rounder but also the most important helping hand for a man’s success and victory. Woman never realize how important they are, they think that its their duty to work and fulfill the needs of their family and losing their identity and devoting themselves completely is their primary motive.

Every girl is blessed with some blessings and some criticism. The concept of girl child is very controversial in country like India. There are two things which really affect the mental stability of parents, one is giving extra care and protection as she is a girl and second is Dowry. Although the government and the constitution has offered strict laws and regulations against dowry and they even offer protection for woman but looking at today’s scenario the law and order seems strict in books only. The reality is severely horrifying.

When Young girls enter the age of puberty, they are at a high risk as the society is full of culprits and sinners. Parents do their best in protecting their girls from any kind of tragic event. They try their best to convince their daughters to avoid male friends, they do not allow them to step outside late, they even sometimes check their  mobile phones.

By doing all these efforts, are they really able to protect their daughters from the exploitation? Well this country is sick when it comes to woman's identity and so is the law and order which is always diplomatic as it is constantly motivated by lawyers who wants money and fame. 

There are so many places where young woman are targeted like from schools to colleges to neighborhood to even internet. Parents forget that they cannot trap and isolate their daughters completely as they are human first and then anything else.

Well the biggest problem with the woman figure is that they think from their heart and not from their brain. The care and sensitivity they offer is often used and they end up with disappointment and failure.

Most of the young woman do not realize that not every good looking face is good-looking from heart. On the other hand urbanized woman only look out for good looks and status. They do not consider human values and nature. Their dependence and blind trust makes them miserable later. Wearing Prada and stilettos does not guarantee a perfect prince charm as men see woman with different style, for them it’s a wonderful object invented by god for them to play.

Men do not get serious for marriage until they are getting something serious from the woman. Mainly it’s the upbringing which is responsible for the today’s fake relationships. If you will not consider someone as human, you will certainly not consider the emotions and feelings.

Young ladies rush to attract the guy next door or their popular college mate without even noticing his nature and sensitivity. The looks blind them completely, thanks to branded clothing and expensive mobile phones, things become worse when these materialistic things attract young woman completely. Some innocent girls even try the nastiest things to remain in the company of good looking guys. They tell lie to their parents, they do the most hideous things just to impress him. They are even ready to lose their identity and act like a slave or some kind of street animal dying to eat packaged food. Well the age of puberty creates ups and downs, body need is so annoying and dominating that everything seems so difficult but if we remain true to ourselves , loving our self as what we are do not create opportunities and that’s why many young girls change themselves for good but the good is not for them it’s for the guy.

If you don’t like to wear short clothes then do not, choosing what you don’t like is seriously bullshit. Trust me if a guy likes you then he will be with you no matter how much weird you look. I am not advocating you to remain untidy and stinky but changing your complete personality will only affect you as a person and not the one for whom you are doing it you see. Well little bit of grooming and manicure is fine but do not torture yourself. You can easily get fake relationships and fake friends if you are ready to be like them but being yourself completely might not give you many friends but you will certainly get a real friend.

Nothing will help you, no social sites, no gossips, no good looks, the thing which will help you is to be you and trust yourself only because he is not the one guy okay there are millions out there so just don’t stalk or steal. Be real, you will save your self and your heart from every type of emotional shit.

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