Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Who is shameful (Government or Political Leaders Or social activist Or Public)?

Who is shameful (Government or Political Leaders Or social activist Or Public)?

Well when it comes to word shameful we can count infinite names, we have so many suggestions and names in our dictionary that a life will end in counting them. Well no matter how much true we are to our self or to others we all have some dirty secrets , we all commit mistakes , we all commit crimes and no matter how much welfare we have done we still our culprits due to our some actions which are disclosed to our soul. From outside we all work hard to prove our innocence and honesty. We lie to prove that we are genuine and loyal. We do everything to earn our bread but the last minute enjoyment of that bread washes away our actions and reactions. We may forget our actions but we have to bear the consequences as no matter how smart we are we all leave foot prints which work against us.

Talking about loyalty, we cannot expect that in any way in any form. Even god has faced betrayal and problems on earth as a human then what we can expect from our own human community. The need of shelter, clothing and food compels us to become a monster from a saint. We always consider our self innocent by blaming other people and the surroundings but who is actually responsible for our monster behavior? We never question our self as we enjoy this trait of living where we are snatching lives and happiness just to foster our personal needs.

The Humans made their own society and they also invented rules and regulations which will help in regulating the atmosphere in right manner.

But are we really following the rules made by us?

Well the answer is undoubtedly no, it’s like a class monitor allowing his classmates to talk and cheat in exam. Well that is a very small example of the double standard nature of human beings. 
Taking this in bigger manner politicians who we consider not less than any god are elected by majority of humans for the welfare and development of the country. Moreover different important Posts are also in action which affects the working of the country.

But are the politicians and government servants and businessman working in right manner?

Are they really following the rules and regulations made by constitution?

If not is there any way we can control them or object them if they are working against the country?

Well the audience do not have any answer to this as they selected these candidates. Normal person fetch's money by only one method and that is beg, borrow and steal and the big giants like political parties and business man just steal. No one can object them as there is a popular say "that those who live in glass houses should not throw stones on others.”

The government and the political parties have done their homework, they know the weakness of public, they know how to manipulate them or tempt them. It’s obvious that small bait is like a big fish for any average human, the soul and the self-respect is undervalued. Humans are no more humans; they are puppets dancing on the tunes of money.

Some human beings who feel that they should act like humans are social activist. They stand against injustice, they exhibit their anger against corruption by revolt and strikes but ultimately they fail as the majority of the people is favoring the corrupt political leaders. The audience is not at fault as they think that there are better things to worry about than country.

Politicians target the social activist and start their war through media and through law. They prove them that we are more powerful as we are in power. Some activist back off and some who carry on the battle face tragic events like murder.

We all are blaming each other for corruption but who is really shameful and greedy? Who is responsible for this? Who takes the charge?

There is no answer to it as this one life will be over in blaming and gaming, the development will remain in books but in reality we will lose everything from our self to our soul. What will be left are non living things as being human is far more difficult than being plastic.

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