Friday, August 24, 2012


Sex the root cause of success

Can you sleep with your boss for some promotion? 

Can you treat yourself as the sex object to fetch your materialistic needs? 

Are you okay with compromise?

Well these questions does not seem unusual, in fact they are acceptable in today’s scenario. Luckily we Indians have adopted modern ways or you can say shortcuts to climb the ladder of success. But If success means sleeping with your boss then what about those who work very hard to get the best results or some best promotion ?

There is different level of respect among people when it comes to sex. For some sex is just the means of enjoyment but some are deeply connected to it and only prefer to enjoy it with their partners and for some it is a dirty thing to do.

Well even those who hate doing sex regularly are dependent on sex. Sex always takes place when we see anyone who is attractive. Our attraction gives the feeling of infatuation and soon we want that person under our bed sheet.

Sex is certainly a root cause of success but the one who links sex with love might find it difficult to compromise as their lover is only a sex partner. It means that the one who are deeply in love cannot enjoy any shortcut methods as compromise is a big deal for them. On the other hand the one who do not link sex with love find themselves easily carried away to different opportunities even if the compromise is bigger then their thinking.

Well it might be easy to compromise with the person you are attracted biologically. Like heterosexuals are attracted to opposite sex but if any heterosexual men has to compromise with any homosexual men then what would be the affect and reaction?

Well its strange but true, the Indian film industry seems pretty much easy for young woman but struggling and hard for men as the most questionable situation which comes there way is compromise with another men which is certainly a very big task for them as the attraction scale is zero but still some desperate guys feel that they can give this a try. 

 What give them guts to sleep with the one they are not attracted to in anyway?

Well certainly some people practice sex with both the genders, sooner or later they become experienced in satisfying themselves by both the genders but who has laid down these shortcut ways?

Why we get so desperate that we even choose the path we don’t know about?

Sex may be a private affair but sex is directly linked to our body and it may affect us badly if our decisions are wrong. On one hand where guys prefer sleeping with every next door girl, girls are inclined to one men thing only but exceptions are always there.

Well sex is such a easy thing for us today that we are not serious about the effects of sex.

 Why we choose multiple partners without even considering its pros and cons? 

Why we consider anyone deserving on the basis of their looks? Is outer beauty the only medium to choose the partner for sex? 

Question yourself before engaging into any sexual encounter, trust me you will feel different this time.

It is justified that sex partners are selected on the basis of looks as the body is the only medium which makes our lust satisfied. But are we not socially aware?

Well money makes the mayor jump so the prostitute as sex is used today not only to satisfy our need but others need too with some business thrown in. Its okay to compromise and accept this sexual way of black mailing but its also mandatory to identify the health status of the individual you are sleeping with as the best sex may guarantee the best promotion but not the best health results every time.

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