Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Is India a nation or a company?

India is the only nation who can proudly accommodate every person of every religion and customs. There are no fixed rules & judgments on other religions. India proudly accepts and invites every person of every community unlike other countries which has there own religious laws and regulations. India is unique and after independence it has begun his struggle to become the supreme power. From outside India looks like a hardworking developing country that has potential to grab attention and respect when compared to other developed countries.

No doubt India has seen many phases from the worst to the best; India’s story is just like any blockbuster film. Before independence it was all messed up, freedom fighters lost there lives for the country, the people of India were terribly confused and scared at the time of war and struggle. But still they did there best for the freedom of there country. The only thing they couldn’t win was the unity as the Hindus and Muslims were divided and one nation was divided into two i.e. India and Pakistan.

Today Hindu and Muslim is a debatable issue but before British arrival, there was no issue. Muslims and Hindus were both Indians first and then anything else but the divide and rule policy of British worked so well that its impact is still alive. It’s been 65 yrs and still our country is in the nightmare and torture of the hatred invested into the bloods of people by British.

Every Indian knows and feels about the harassment and loss they got in the battle of independence. We all know the sacrifice our freedom fighters did , we all are aware about the condition of our country , we all consider our country as the mother but still we are doing what British did to our country .

Indians are themselves responsible for the current position of India. From outside everything looks developing and urbanized but if you come closer the country is nothing but a mess where people are fighting like wild animals and they all are looking for reasons to kill each other.

The political system and government is doing nothing for the country as the treasure they receive in shape of taxes is not completely used on the country’s development , maximum goes to there Swiss bank accounts or to there other private affairs , the remaining time of political leaders is invested in blaming and barking about other political parties. Corruption on high scale is conducted for the sake of vote bank.

India is used and exploited by its own people. The country and its system are into running process by three bodies – one is politicians, second is business man and third is criminals.

Politicians give support , business man give money and criminals give power , unfortunately these three bodies work together and fetch the money of people who work so hard to earn there bread. Sadly watching all this the people of India feel helpless and they too acquire the dirty ways to fetch money just in order to compensate for the loss of money they paid in shape of taxes.

When the current government is exposed and caught in different scams, they get themselves labeled as innocent by giving the old excuse that the previous government also did some scams. It seems like a countries tradition that every leader has to do some scams in order to remain in power.

Sadly very little percentage is educated in India. Illiterate people are used at the time of elections as they don’t know whom they should vote? We people of India do not know what is done for our country? We do not have any calculation or any receipt of our money which tells us that where money is used? The progress rate is very slow as the most of the politicians elected are illiterate and greedy. Sadly they are elected with the help of criminals and money and not on the basis of there knowledge and experience.

This is the only unique country that is responsible for its loss as the people do not love there own country. They are busy in fetching money from others pocket, government is cropped up in scams, activists are ignored and ill-treated. The constitution which gives us right to speak is in doubt as the one who raise voice against corruption is smashed by the powerful powers.

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