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I hate sex like I love sex

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Well sex is something unbelievably strong and demanding. We all want to accomplish the best sex life and trust me sex is something we can never avoid. It always excites us no matter what age group we fall into. We may have not achieved anything in our life but we do wish to achieve a good position and respect in front of our partner when it comes to sex. We cannot handle any labels which prove our incompetence in sex. Guys who are always devoting their precious time in exploring girls and experiencing, girls are much more into values and emotions. Well surprisingly we invest our whole life in doing what is regular and end up with small accomplishments and rewards which do not give any proud moment. Our double standards compel us to love sex in private and hate sex in public.

Sex is something which is just a feeling, a way of enjoyment but everyone considers it as their birth right. Its not bad to consider sex as our birth right as human body wants sex but the essence of sexual domination compels us to mark our right forcibly on the woman figure. Husbands consider their wife’s as sex slave and no matter how much tired she is feeling she had to cook his bed if she wants to live happily ever after but when it comes to woman sexual needs , men treat them as sluts . For them woman and specially wife if demand sex very often , she is not considered auspicious and respectful. Men satisfy themselves by their own ways, they schedule sex according to their needs but woman is just entitled to receive the orders.

This is not enough, even lesbian woman who are forcibly married to men face the exploitation and harassment. They have to face corrective rape all the time by their husband or sometimes even parents get their lesbian daughters fucked by illegal and unnatural process just in order to turn them into straight woman.

Sex is available in markets and is widely offered and distributed. We often blame the prostitutes for spreading adultery but the root cause is the demand. It’s a popular say that with every demand there is a supply and no demand means no supply. So the prostitutes are certainly not at fault, for them they are earning their bread and for men they are getting that ultimate sexual experience. People are so much dependent on sex that they spend from thousands to lakhs , they travel from one country to another , they lie to their spouse , they ignore their kids , they do whatever they can just for sex.

Well it’s not about giving birth to kids; it’s much more than that. Well sex is not someone’s property and that’s what allows every one to have sex. Heterosexuals enjoy unlimited sex encounters but still they question on the existence of gay and lesbian. Well sex is just sex , it’s a feeling which lasts for some minutes , it does not matter whom you are sleeping with , if you are satisfied with what you are getting then no body has right to question you but still we socially active people enjoy measuring the size of others cock rather than measuring ours.

We often look other girls as sex objects but when it comes to our sisters we do not allow them to even talk to any opposite sex. Well the mean and selfish mentality of people will always force them to enjoy sex but criticize it the same time.

For us talking about sex is shame but doing sex is a proud thing . The beauty in sex is that girls often compromise with their rich boyfriends or opportunistic colleagues in order to climb the ladder of success but still they feel insecure with open link up. Sex is the new barter system today; girls and guys compromise and get not only money but also fame, name and position in market.

Sex is like a chain. It goes like this :

Guy fucks the girl

The girl gets pregnant

She gets it aborted

Doctors enjoy abortion cases as it leads them to heavy pockets

Pharmaceutical companies enjoy supplying birth control pills

Condom makers are giving the best advertisements

Prostitutes are worshiped

Woman is the center figure

Actors and actress show some butt and fetch crores

Businessmen spend hard earned money on their secretaries

Young bloods raise internet bills by downloading pornography

Sexual encounters happen every where but still we hate sex in public but love sex in private.

To be continued….

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