Saturday, August 25, 2012


How much bold you are when it comes to sex?

We never measure our level of boldness by any scale and we gradually pick up the lines of openness with our experience and partners. Every time with new partner sex seems new and exciting because the level of hesitation remains with us, we hesitate in trying the most of the positions we planned before our on the spot sex encounter. We gradually smile in installments and do whatever seems easy.

Most of the guys become so nervous that they only switch to regular fucking position; they feel that if they will insist the new chick for other Kamasutra styles she may get annoyed. well its exactly true and is vice verse even girls hesitate in expressing there desires of foreplay to men , they gradually gain confidence as woman are more inclined towards cuddling , gentle kissing and all that girl stuff which is sweet and caring but guys are rough they want the girl to suck there pole in most of the ways. It becomes very hard for guys to convince girls for oral sex at start as the most common excuse girls give is that they feel like vomiting when they do oral sex. Well guys are guys they never get satisfied with what they get; they always want more they switch from one girl to another to get them full satisfied and to try whatever position they desire.

Well no doubt we guys want to be graduated in every sex subject and we do not even hesitate to try what is not considered good. Well most of the guys today want to experience the most awesome moments in sex, they want to feel good about themselves as a guy and defiantly they want to be bossy in bed. But these desires give rise to exploitation and undesired acts. Today guys are not concerned about the sex rules & they even want to practice unnatural sex.

Well anal sex is the most rare and interesting sex which is gathering attention. No doubt anal sex is dangerous and can seriously lead you to sexually transmitted diseases and even HIV but still guys don’t feel insecure and worried about it. For them use of condom prevents everything but they forget that the rectum is not meant for this activity and can severely affect both the partners.

Another rare unnatural activity is ass rimming which is highly contagious and dangerous it can lead to many awful diseases which only gives pain later but the high erected lust act blindly in sex and encourage these moments .

Well sex may last for some hours and multiple orgasm may give enjoyment but putting yourself at high risk for the sake of enjoyment is nothing but the biggest mistake people do. Being bold in sex is okay but being stupid is seriously not okay.

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