Saturday, August 25, 2012

Can sex become someones destiny ?

Sex - the ultimate destiny

It’s been ages and I have not slept with anyone, I urge for sex, I quest for sex, I lust for sex. It’s just a pure desire. I do not seek to fall in love; I might fall in love as the one who will give the pure satisfaction is the almighty for me. I remember the days when I was rocking and breaking the beds and that time was seriously the best time of my life. Sex was the only goal, the only aim, the only destiny where I see myself drowning into the sea of lust.

Well I was questioning myself again and again is there anything else exciting in this world that can give meaning to my life and I was desperately seeking for some way out which can keep me away from sex at least for some time as my addiction was killing me and that point was so disturbing as I was even ready to sleep with any awful looking person.

I never regret my choices and decisions as this is what today I am because of my past choices and likings. Well as a person I may look like a freak as I am totally emotional and frank , the biggest height of my emotions and sentiments is that I tend to become possessive even to my fuck buddies and trust me today woman hate men who are over possessive.

Well why I cannot think about something else?

Why I only look out for sex?

Am I an addict?

Or I am a sex freak or some mythological sex slave?

I am totally scared and worried about my intentions and greed. Till this time I was only blaming myself for being such a freak but I was not the only one, there are millions out there just like me and its obvious that we all love sex and long for it, just the difference is in the level of passion, mine is like reaching Mount Everest and for some other it might be reaching any building. It’s from person to person but how can I avoid sex and live my life just like that?

My mind enjoys double meaning comedy, I feel so pampered when I see any porn video and trying every sex position in bed is my goal for sure. Well you might consider me insane but I know I have found my word of thought and yes I love sex more than myself so I can proudly consider it as my destiny.

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