Friday, August 31, 2012

Another measure to control corruption in india

As per my previous article on corruption control measures, I am today discussing about another measure which can really help in controlling corruption. Well we Indians are blessed with various diversity and cultures. We as a whole have so many varieties of rituals and customs and religions that we make a whole world.

Well besides having so much talent and diversity why we are poor?

Why most of the population in India is illiterate and poor?

Why poor is becoming poorer and rich is becoming richer?

Is there any connection of poverty with corruption?

Well here also money is the only reason which creates corruption. People who are born in a middle class family have limited resources but still they enjoy life in an average mood. They work hard and they save there money and create some amount of comfort zone for themselves but still they wish to become rich as richness is a blessing. On the other hand poor or the ones below poverty line are living there life in hell. They have no resources, no life, they work like slaves and there is no hope in them, there life is worse than any pig and there is no comfort at all. Talking about rich, they enjoy branded clothing, luxury cars, great lifestyle, huge bungalows, parties, and casino; there life has only comfort and leisure. Well sadly in India poverty wins with high majority , middle class on other hand is of limited majority and rich people are on the lowest majority scale.

Well this condition cannot be changed easily as our narrow minded behavior will never consider a human as a human. The problem with Indian mentality is that they differentiate people on the basis of caste and community and this narrow minded mindset is at its peak stage, the lower cast people or tribes are not considered important in any manner. Although government has given lot of benefits and subsidies to the lower casts people in order to create a sense of equality and to upgrade them but still besides government measures things are not in control. Moreover the middle class community is not entertained by the rich community and the poor community is not entertained by the middle class community, it’s like a chain of hatred coming from top to bottom. Well poor people are compelled to do household jobs in middle class and rich families. They do every kind of work from moping to cleaning to laundry, to washing dishes, to gardening to babysitting to all those jobs which require physical efforts. They also work as laborers in factories and other corporate units. There mental effort is zero but there physical effort is 100% which is why they are employed.

The surprising thing is that mental effort and physical effort cannot be compared in any way as every action has its own qualities and merits. It’s a realistic fact that without these poor people we cannot move an inch as our success and development is based on there efforts like a building in constructed with the physical effort and manpower of laborers but the whole credit goes to the designers. Nobody considers the effort and handwork of hundreds of people who work so hard physically for the best construction.

Moreover, the pay given to these poor people is below average and they cannot even think about living there life with comfort in this pay and there development is out of question.

Well most of these poor people are hired on per day bases and there pay can only fetch them food rest is on the almighty. Besides regular ignorance and criticism they do not leave there hope as they are also humans. The middle class and rich community do not consider them as humans in anyway, for them they are machines only invented for slavery.

Well this is corruption. When they work honestly, they get very small amount of money which is of no use for there family. Sooner or later there wants and needs force them to choose the easy ways to fetch money, it can be robbery, and it can be any type of crime. Again money gives birth to corruption and poverty is the mother of corruption.

Well its not that Indians are not aware about this, they know very well about the present situation but they act blindly as no body wants to pay more for these jobs. Moreover if these poor people will upgrade, then defiantly not everyone will be able to afford them as servants and people who enjoyed the life of ruler will be working as workers not rulers in the future scenario.

There is no education qualification as the poor cannot afford books and schools. They don’t know about there rights, they don’t even know whom they should vote. The life of poverty is a nightmare; they live the life which is seriously horrible as working constantly and being at a same stage for years is exploitation.

As a human they also have some needs and wants, they also want to wear good clothes, they also have self respect and dignity, they too see dreams but there life and there rulers do not allow them to enjoy the essence of freedom. They are born in slavery and they will die in slavery.

The solution is to provide them with right amount of pay which can help them to develop themselves as well as there family and there children. Money will defiantly allow them to read and receive education, which not only will educate them to do the right stuff but they will also work professionally. Moreover the chances of crime can be controlled by offering right amount of money for there hard work. When they will be able to fulfill there needs and wants with there hard earned money they will not consider crime as there profession as choosing crime is not a choice, it’s a curse.

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