Thursday, July 26, 2012

young bloods need sex

Talking about sex

There is some spark which really attracts us when we talk about sex; there is something extraordinarily unusual about it. It’s always new, it’s always wonderful. At the start every one is super nervous and incredibly excited for this play, it’s really mind blowing. There is an essence of hesitation, attraction, affection, curiosity & quest for sex. Every emotion is packed together ready to burst out in the first sex shot.

Well teenagers learn to do sex by themselves. There local sex education and knowledge sources are there friends, classmates, batch mates, internet & pornography. Surprisingly they choose wrong people to grab this knowledge. Sex is a big step and in order to start this they choose whatever source is available. Sadly they feel satisfied by the knowledge given to them by the untruthful sources. At this age they worship there friends as they are the only ones who listen to them and there needs. Friends who provide the knowledge of sex also helps them in maintaining secrets as they all know that there parents won’t tolerate this at all.

Sex is such a bigger step but still parents are not taken into consideration. Why?

The teenagers are very well aware of the fact that there sex encounters and casual sex lifestyles are not acceptable to there parent. Every parent take there children for granted so they want there children to walk on there footsteps. The funniest thing is that children are really walking on the footsteps of there parents. Every parent was a child and was a teenager too, they also had the same quest for sex at the age of puberty and they know that whatever is happening with our children is normal as young bloods require body as a normal need to satisfy them. They know this fact but still they close there eyes like they don’t even know the meaning of sex. Children who are not so open to there family members look out for the outside source. Sometimes the outside source is helpful and educates them to do the right stuff but unluckily it does not happen every time as young bloods don’t know the real side of there source. Millions of guys and girls get themselves molested by elders and friends due to there unawareness and blind trust. They get so much involved in sex that they don’t know the right or wrong , they just know is sex.

Long desires take a big shape which creates drama and these young teens get themselves engaged into the cases of rape, sexual assault, sexually transmitted disease and even HIV.

The reason of doing sex is still not known to people, the few moments of fun costs a lot if the source of sex knowledge is negative. The bitter fact is that no body will be concerned for you and especially in this era. But still these young bloods trust there friends blindly on these crucial intimate matters.

Parents should try to act as a friend but again this is not possible as the blanket of shyness between parents and children cannot be vanished. Sex sometimes acts as a blessing if things are good and favorable but can also act as a nightmare if the shot is in wrong direction.

So is there any solution to this problem?

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