Sunday, July 29, 2012

Why young girls prefer mature men for sex?

"What the hell? Why not me? What’s wrong in me? My mom says I am the best looking guy but still she does not like me?"

This is the most common question guys ask to their conscious level when they get rejected and they get so much irritated because they are unaware about the reason of rejection. They think that something is wrong in them. May be their biceps are not that huge or maybe their chest is not shaved or may be because of bank balance. There could be thousands of reasons but the most amazing reason is not known to these young studs.

Guys don’t know the psychology of girls no matter how much experienced they are. Every girl is different but their dreams are same and the way they see their dream is also entirely different. Every girl dreams of a prince charm but not every one wants to see their prince charm riding a horse. The biggest mistake guys do is categorizing every girl into a common label. They think that every girl is attracted to pink environment. They think every girl is delicate and desperate but today it all depends on upbringing which decides the overall behavior and type of girl. Unfortunately guys are very bad in determining the nature of the girl as their only attention is towards face and body. Well girls are also not innocent in anyway, they too play games and bluff in order to fetch the most eligible bachelor. The guy which is not useful to them is obviously rejected but the guys who get 10/10 on the basis of looks and 0/10 on the basis of money are only fetched for casual sex. The ones who are 11/10 in every field are fetched for marriage. It’s like choosing the phone which has all the features. Every one feels comfortable in their cup of tea and they also look for a partner who falls well into that cup of tea.

Well today casual sex is just a normal thing. Having a girlfriend or a boyfriend is not a big deal. Talking in sarcastic and honest terms, for a guy a girlfriend means a girl who is giving him free sex and he does not have to go to any brothel or something, moreover he is pretty safe as there are very less chances of any disease as the girl is only committed to him. Obviously this girl friend thing exists till the guy does not get the required match for marriage and hence he need a well to fill and its fine as girls don’t mind in getting used up as they also carry the same ideology towards guys but girls forget one thing that the guy does not need any certificate of virginity but girls do get themselves destroyed by frequent usage of there g spot. They forget the more they get fucked the more their quality degrades. You understand what I mean...

For guys the more they fuck the more their tool becomes strong and versatile and defiantly big in size. Well every one demands something and the game of supply and demand works in every way. There is demand for sex and that’s why there is supply.

As we were talking about the preference of girls for mature men, we mean exactly what I said above. Young guys don’t know the Abcd of foreplay; they only look out for fuck and oral sex. Moreover their tool is not matured enough to excite woman. Yeah girls with smaller tits may get satisfied with small dicks but seriously the bigger the better slogan works for dicks as well as tits.

Mature guys are generally blessed with huge cocks and frequent and regular intercourse also generates the desired stamina. Moreover their experience gives them the knowledge of sex in right ways. Women need love, they desire love and seriously they want to feel love in sex. They don’t want sex to be done as sex but as love like two mad lovers falling for each other. Young guys don’t know how to create that lovers magic. They are already in hurry for tuition's or for college or for their job and their over cropped up mind only targets fuck which is very undesirable for young woman. They desire patience, care, intimacy, spark, dedication, madness, all these should be well presented with the most delicious and sweet words. It is generally seen that young guys do not stay after sex. They just did it and now they are in hurry for their some other pending work, this creates a feeling of insecurity among girls.

Generally mature men gives time, patience, space, understanding, money, care, love and all those things which makes the girl feel special. Moreover their foreplay is like a movie filled with drama, comedy, sincerity, passion, romance which again gives the feeling of importance and value to the girl. She feels that yes he loves me and I am something for him , something really special but in case of young guys they believe in equality , they cannot pamper their girlfriends like slaves. They treat their girl friends as normal friends and still they desire full on sex. Moreover they hesitate in spending money on her as they know that this is a temporary affair.

There are unbelievable factors which contribute in changing the thinking of these young girls towards men. They desire that their boyfriend should be intellectual enough to educate them the right ways. They want to be directed and dominated gently not friendly. They want to experience the life of a princess because they know that they are not born into a royal family. Their expectations towards love are very high and that is a headache for young men.

Well again this is not with every girl. You may get a girl who is dedicated to you no matter how you treat her. Don’t you think acting mature can get you someone special? Well guys do consider these tips as girls will be girls and guys will be guys.

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