Tuesday, July 24, 2012

why woman are unhappy in india?

India is a developing country like any other developing country but still it’s far more different from other countries due to its rules, customs and secular nature. In India every one lives happily ever after but still woman in India feel insecure every moment of there life.

The country where woman is treated like goddess. The country that worships woman as the ultimate power has its own woman majority feeling betrayed and insecure. The reasons are shocking based on empty foundations.

Before independence the time was dependent on the rulers but after independence the India has its own Indian rulers who knew better for there country. There were great changes which really contributed a lot in uplifting India as a powerful country. People worked very hard, they tried there best to learn the techniques and procedures to make something large. There was a great unity factor among male and female genders.

But still there was a legal mindset that woman is born to be the slave of a man. The man was always the king and the woman was treated inferior to men. She was not allowed to eat before her husband. She has to do all the household work no matter how weak or ill she is feeling. She had to cover her face with a piece of long cloth generally called as Pardha . She cannot go outside late, except her husband she cannot communicate with any other men, she had to give birth to the kids at every cost and yes she was not allowed to interfere into the family & manly matters. The list of torture is endless, for woman it was a jail. Living in an independent country and still feeling trapped and jailed was a common thinking among woman. As the time was passing, the centuries were changing, obviously the role and freedom of woman was taking there little baby steps but still today things appear same and even worse than the past.

Toady India is a popular country, as there had been great investment by foreign companies. The urbanization is rapid like fire and people are making there life’s fast like any Ferrari. But still Indian community and Indian people live a dual life; there double standards and conservative attitude makes life confusing and horrible for Indian woman.

Besides so much development and awareness, there are more than a million cases of abortion, this awful activity is done as woman in pressurized to give birth to a male child only. Woman is not appreciated by another woman.

People feel that having a daughter is a liability as at the time of marriage the grooms family demands heavy dowry which is not bearable by every bride’s father. The country is certainly not safe for woman as besides all awareness, there are billions of cases subjected to rape, assault, humiliation, gang rape, prostitution etc.

Parents have a more concerning and alert approach towards there daughters, they are generally not allowed to hangout late as the crime rate against woman is at a high scale. There is law and order but it is only visible like an intangible feeling, it works but it is always late as the justice is versatile based on monetary factors.

There are woman working and independent earning there own bread but they have to face regular criticism from family and society if there job is too demanding. Woman into the fields of glamour and films are never treated respectfully, there identity is media generated and people are more sexually aggressive when they see these actors and actress on the screen.

Young girls are easily trapped in the game of prostitution as India is blessed with pimps and brothels. There has been no ban to these openly available brothels and prostitution centers as a handsome bribe and free sex is granted to the people who maintain law and order.

Sex is the biggest dominating factor in India , people use woman for sex , highest marital affairs scale , young girls are diverse in nature , some are compelled to leave there education and some are very educated and successful.

Working woman are always pressurized to earn more and still work like a maid in the house , she takes care of her job , her family , her kids , her husband and still she gets a tag of housewife. There is hardly any identity of household woman. Working woman face physical and verbal torture as she is compelled to work constantly without complaining.

Looking at the rural India the situation is worse then any regular hell , the girl is not allowed to choose a guy by herself , love marriage is simply a disaster in rural India as there are cases where both girls and guys are stabbed by there own family members by the excuse of honor killing. Woman besides being a goddess and besides being a mother has many roles in India, she is only a giver and what she gets in return is still a question?

To be continued…

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