Sunday, July 29, 2012

Why leaders like Anna hazare cannot win against corruption?

He is definitely a blessing. I have not seen any person like him who is so dedicated towards the welfare of the people and towards the welfare of the country. He deserves rest and a life of peace and comfort like any human being running in his age. He is old but he has shown the whole young community that he is younger by heart. He seems like a reflection of Gandhi ji. I have read about Gandhi ji but if you really wish to see the works of Gandhi ji in reality then you should meet Shri Anna hazare ji.

Today every single person of India is well informed about the updates of Anna hazare as whatever he does is breaking news. But the most important question of corruption is certainly in doubt. Anna hazare fights against corruption. Corruption is a nightmare for some but a blessing for many. India is a country which is secular in nature. India welcomes every person and allows them to grow but the people of India are stabbing there own backs by choosing corruption as the only source.

As we all know that the current political leaders and there parties were caught in different scams like 2g spectrum and common wealth games scam , whole attention was directed towards these leaders. There working was questionable as the scam was not of any small amount. It was certainly big enough to create a heart attack among peoples trust and belief on there government. The campaigns against corruption were entirely focusing the present leaders which was certainly a threat to the position of the leaders as this may effect there vote bank at the time of elections.

The campaign was forcefully disturbed; different twisting policies were created to affect the campaign. Although the people of India were watching all this happening, very few build up courage to join the battles against corruption. The main motive of the campaign was to fight against corruption but the political parties got the assumption that the campaigns were to affect there political carrier and position. Hence efforts were made to make the campaign fail but luckily people were supportive, there was a glimpse of courage and unity among people who were ready to dedicate there time and there patience for this cause. It was a proud moment as it was peoples money which was wasted and people were asking about there money. But this awareness was temporary as again the busy life of people forced them to get back to there work.

We people of India forgot that we are the ones who elected the politicians to work for the country; we forgot that we are not slaves, we are the rulers and the elected politicians are also government servants who were entitled the job of managing the country.

But being so much aware and smart still makes us helpless.

Well the kind of support India as a country expects is really high in number. The people of India are not at all concerned with the environment and society. There whole attention is money, sex and there personal affairs. They feel that being in a campaign will affect there so called precious time and money. They forget that the campaign is for there welfare. The success of campaign will benefit people only but still they act blindly to this great cause.

Yesterday I was having a debatable conversation with some friends and most of them were not concerned with the Anna hazare ji and there team efforts, they were much more dedicated to some other topics like casual sex and some other cheap tricks.

The thing is people do not deserve any help. They deserve to be used and backstabbed. The one who is fighting for you is not acknowledged and the one who fucks you is worshiped so it’s justified that we all should be selfish. There is no place for selfless people as no body is interested.

People have better things to worry about than corruption. They don’t care who gets voted or who doesn’t. They have better problems and issues. The reality is that it’s not politicians who are only corrupt but the whole audience is corrupt. We all digest the bread baked in corruption. Just examine in daily life from small to big every one is corrupt like a milk man gives adulterated milk , it’s a corruption but the level of corruption seems small so we don’t care . We all know the ways to fetch money and we do not hesitate in jumping on wrong footsteps. The reality is bitter and dirty. Corruption cannot be removed as the people for whom it should be removed are all ready corrupt.

Already there is a big majority of people who do not use there right of voting and the one who votes are not sure to whom they should vote. We people of India pay different types of taxes which unfortunately affects our lifestyle and income but shamefully we are not concerned that where that income is used. We do not have time to know the real usage and application of our money. Surprisingly most of us destroy the national treasure and national assets like government buildings, stations, roads by our unsophisticated and animal behavior but we always forget that our some portion of money is used in creating these government buildings. Our level of corruption and jealousy is uncountable so no matter how many leaders come and no matter how many Non governmental organizations fight against corruption; we know that we will not allow any one to stand against our beloved which is surely CORRUPTION.

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