Friday, July 20, 2012

why being gay is still a taboo ?

Seriously it’s a controversial issue. Although today the time is different, people are open and bold enough to see and accept the things which come there way. The technology and urbanization has changed our way of thinking and we feel more broad minded. Homosexuality is a debatable asset; different people have different opinions about it. Generally people do not prefer to talk about this issue in reality as they don’t want themselves to be linked up with this community. The issue of homosexuality in India is a known issue today after a decade-long legal battle; finally it got success and favorable judgment in 2009 when it was decriminalized.

When this decision came many political parties, some youth groups and some illiterate leaders labeled homosexuals as insane human beings. For them being gay was a disease and which can be cured up with the help of inhuman torture and harassment only. Although it was a proud and festive moment for homosexuals, large group of people who supported this issue were together with the homosexual community, popularly known as the LGBT community consisting of lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender were all together celebrating there success and there individuality .

On the other hand the people of India have a very busy and difficult life again because of the twisting policies and rules and regulations laid down by these politicians. The over cropped and busy audience do not feel any need to walk out from there homes and join the parade of homosexuals success. So, most of the audience watched this big breaking news on there televisions after coming home from there offices and muttered some comments and went back to there normal busy life.

It was seen that there was an essence of unity among homosexuals as they were enjoying this decision by dancing and supporting each other. People who were finding this decision of govt. as the right decision were not so excited as they belong to heterosexual community and they knew that there is a legal mindset that the person who advocates an issue must be connected to it , so they all tried to show themselves either unaware or very self obsessed type.

But there is a popular tendency of nature , if you wish to suppress anything existing in nature , the thing will not suppress but will explode and expand in multiple way , same applies to this issue of homosexuality but the most important billion dollar question is that why being gay is still a taboo?

After so much development and openness why we cannot accept this as a normal affair? There are some negative traits and imperfections connected to homosexuals but still we came so far that today talking or behaving conservative is just so old fashioned. Well the biggest fault is our lack of education and our incomplete knowledge about anything. Half of the generation considers this as the foreign attitude and addiction of making out but the real scientifically proven reasons are still not known to majority of Indian people. They don’t know the reason of being gay.

 For them it’s by choice or it’s like being insane. Researches like gene traits suspected in moms of gay sons and many other shocking researches are not available to local media and they are not even interested to disclose the real facts as they are busy in showing other spicy gossip material. The lack of knowledge is not the only reason; the human beings are designed to follow the rules and regulations laid down by society.

 For people man and woman are made to have sex so that they can carry the new generation. Well this process is not visible in case of homosexual relationships as two partners of same sex cannot carry the generation of there own blood. Hence people force them to change themselves and choose the regular daily process of making out with a woman to give birth to the new generation. Many gay couples who were bold enough to face anything raised this question in doubt as they can adopt any child or can even get a child through surrogate mother but still it’s not an easy task to do whatever you desire in the complicated and most conservative country like India. The guys who are straight and who don’t marry are also questioned but are not harassed or humiliated as there sexual preference is opposite sex. People do not want to accept this change in nature and they consider it unnatural and abnormal.

The world of science have proved through there experiments and studies that being homosexual is certainly not a choice as the orientation is decided inside the womb but again we people do not want to hear anything against our rules and regulations. Surprisingly mankind is responsible for everything, humans made some rules of there society for the betterment and welfare of other humans but they cannot modify them for the welfare of homosexuals as they are not generally considered humans. The kind of look people give to any homosexual or to his lifestyle is seriously annoying. People are very much interested in this topic when it comes to making fun of it, again which shows the ugly side of human nature. Moreover, homosexuals have themselves made there lifestyle questionable by engaging in unlimited sex encounters without any commitment or relationship.

There sex life is so fast that no heterosexual can experience the kind of variety these homosexual men avail. Well the homosexual community is also called as sex community or some even call it the brothel spot as you see nothing except sex. There is no love among homosexual guys, there is no relationship, what only visible is sex. I have not heard any cases where I see homosexuals into a descent relationship for long, there partners are changing in short phases. They are also compelled to face this lifestyle as there are no solid ways which can unite two homosexual men as couples , even if some go out and get them self registered as couples like many do in abroad , there families wont be together with them . Its simply not a complete picture as they don’t get parents support , there is no one to educate them or no one to direct them , they enjoy sex and they live like living in a living relation ship and sooner or later they end it by any one or the other reason but the most common reasons of breakup are sex.

 As woman says that men are dogs, homosexuals are the men who think like woman but certainly are dogs as they are also a dominating figure called as men. Well being gay or homosexual is certainly not a crime but being completely dedicated to sex creates negativity and critics which is certainly harmful for the future of homosexual men as they need solid reasons to survive. They have to invest there energies in making something extraordinary which compels heterosexual society to feel proud about them.

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