Wednesday, July 4, 2012

how can you make your parents proud? ( must read)

My whole life was a learning process. People generally go through same phase like I did. We do our daily jobs, we learn things, we grab knowledge through schools and colleges, we work or open our own enterprise, we go on date, we enjoy sex, we marry, and we raise our children and whole life we are just running after things. Our needs get satisfied, our wants are long lasting and endless and surprisingly one life seems less in fulfilling those desires and wants because we all are short of time.

The main reason of our existence as a human is still not discovered. Do you know what you like the most? Have you ever indulged your whole life for that liking? Boycotting every thing and just focusing on that one desire, can you do that? Can you invest your whole life in helping and protecting?

Well when I asked these question to my friends, they found me weird and were surprised like hell. They say that we are raised to do the jobs people usually do and we do not know anything beyond that, nor we want to take any risk.

Well the people who invested there whole life in creating a revolution are visible in history books and documentaries. Whole world reads them, respects them, acknowledge them, there name is immortal.

But the life of these legends was not easy, it was like walking on fire and that’s why today no one can do what they did, we cannot even copy them.

Can you make another Taj mahal? Totally identical with such an incredible use of marble stone.

Well we are practical generation, we think differently. We believe that it was his choice to make his life a struggle to achieve that dream. Our choice is to enjoy the creation. So we put our self in better position by working smart not hard. This lazy and self centered attitude is widely visible among youth, they say that foolish make houses and wiser live there in.

There mental state does not allow them to work; they cannot invest themselves in hardship. Parents who contributed there whole life in making something big for there children seems like a casual thing for this young generation as you can see most of the young guys leave there ancestral and parental business and choose another easy line which can allow them the freedom and luxury at both the times.

Parents who worked so hard , they not only lost there sweat but even there blood in the manufacturing of there dream business , they are usually very emotional about it and get themselves attached to it but what about those young children who don’t feel shame in making fun of that business . Regular criticism hurt everyone, if you have achieved something and somebody says to you that you are nothing then you will defiantly feel bad.

The million dollar answer is that the youth has become youth from the stage of infant because of the love of parents and the money came from that parental business. They get raised by that business but still they hate it like hell. Why?

Is our upbringing responsible for this? Defiantly the answer is yes. The thing is the parents did very hard work to raise there status and to provide the comfort and luxury they could not afford at there times. When a child is raised with all the comforts and amenities, he/she will never realize the importance of money .

These spoilt brats are usually called as born with silver spoon. Defiantly the comfort level is outstanding; he/she has not even noticed the essence of hard work. They get air conditioning in there rooms making them more delicate towards outer hot atmosphere, they get car and other transportation facilities, so they don’t know the enjoyment of walking, and they get what they desire, so they don’t know the importance of patience and satisfaction. They get the most delicious food, so how they can sleep empty stomach?

You cannot expect the work of a labor from a king. Parents pamper there children madly and later they expect something which there children are unaware about.

This luxury obsession and laziness makes them common and the discovery of super human cannot be conducted. Our nation cannot feel proud by common people who are busy in themselves. Extra efforts need to be done to make something so unique that the whole world will acknowledge our country and the proud moment is always immortal and long-lasting but who sees that goal?

 No body seems so courageous that they will do whatever they can to raise the shoulders of there country. Even if some try and start there journey, they are either distracted by other common people and sometimes they end there journey as they answer themselves that yes we have achieved a lot and now its time to relax. The comfort area makes us weak; we should be working in order to make something unusual and extraordinary.

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