Tuesday, July 31, 2012

how sex dominates the personality ?

Well some people have not seen sex in there life and there quest is so much that once they get sex they get crazy like any street dog. Unfortunately sex dominates there behavior so much that they get addicted to it. Sex dominates there entire personality. For them sex revolves around them like a satellite. They do not consider there partner as human but as a sex machine to satisfy them. The biggest weakness with them is that they can be used by anyone who knows the right way of crafting sex in there lives. I have come across many people like this in my life who are terrible sex addicts; they do not consider emotions, feeling or sentiments. They are just into sex beyond that life is nothing for them and sadly they do not see anything else. The person who is offering sex to them is worshiped like almighty and they believe there sex partners more than anyone in this world.

I still remember the tragic death of my friend; he was in love as well as in lust with a married woman. Although he was young, smart, handsome and single but still he had sex dates with his subordinate’s wife. From a casual meeting to casual sex everything happened so fast. The surprising thing was that he was a virgin before meeting her and she was 5 years older than him but still sex was powerful. He thought that this is the only source of satisfaction. I as a friend tried hard to convince him to date single girls as he was not bad either but he was trapped in her lust spell. I remember he was always short of funds as his whole salary was consumed in buying expensive presents for her. She used him and one day when he was driving bike and at the same time he was talking to her on mobile, he tried to convince her to talk later as he was driving but she forced him to continue the conversation. This conversation proved terribly expensive as he lost his life in the tragic accident. He died on the spot and that woman was living happily ever after with her husband.

Well there are many incidents happened in my life which made me believe on the existence of the power of sex. Sex is surely a thing but it really acts like a living alien which is really harmful if done in excess as the person becomes a sex slave.

After my mother died, my family appointed maid for cooking, she was a young lady, she was very poor and she wanted money so we hired her. She worked very well and soon she became a part of our family. I also had a driver who was serving us from last 15 years; he was loyal, hardworking and trustworthy. He started an affair with our maid , they both had vast difference in ages nearly about 20 years difference , she was 22 and he was around 40 but still they were close . whenever we used to be out for work, she used to call him for sex, luckily we offered a room to our driver at the terrace and she used to find excuses to go upstairs, some times to water the plants and sometime for drying the clothes in sun, there was a train of excuses and reasons as she wanted him and he wanted her. Soon she left job as he didn't liked her working, there affair was disclosed to there parents and it was big scene. We lost our workers as well as there trust as both became selfish and irresponsible. He started taking offs on many working days for her and soon he left too as both wanted to be totally carried away without any ones doubt and disturbance , there love affair lasted for a month only..

It’s all sex drive, when it reaches the state of equilibrium, it seeks solution and the solution is sex. Sex compels people to take disastrous decisions as sex cannot be ignored easily.

Really that’s the only reason why girls revolt when they choose the guy by themselves without even taking there parents into consideration. At the time of the affair they forget the guy’s status, financial status, behavior, lifestyle and family but after having some pleasure sex moments, the things girl ignored come forward as the barrier in the growth and development and they usually get separated due to financial matters, bad habits or ill treatment. Why girls do not prefer to consider all the points? Why he is just selected on the basis of looks? Because its just sex, this body don’t know what is love? What this body is aware of is lust, body lust.

Millions of marriages last very less due to unsatisfied partners. The power of sex compels addicts to choose the most awful activities like rape and molestation. Sex creates wonders and defiantly is also a sin if worshiped madly.

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