Thursday, June 21, 2012

why sex means a lot to us?

It’s an old game, an old practice done by every living creature and surprisingly there method of doing it is very similar to the method of Homo sapiens. 

Sex, I don’t know who discovered this word; it could have been called up by any other name like smile or apple. Well why only sex is pronounced as sex? And how we get ourselves engaged in foreplay? Who invented sex? 

Well I heard from someone that in earlier time’s sex was just a procedure to have kids, nothing else. It was just a procedure of inserting the male penis into the vagina stroking it to achieve the orgasm and that’s it. It was performed in a very short duration of time like 5 minutes you can say as the main reason for sex was carrying on the further generation. 

Nobody was so deeply engaged in foreplay and oral sex. Different sex positions and blow job was only performed by prostitutes at that time. Well Sex will always be a mystery as no one knows why this urge never stops, it’s an addictive need.

 Why we only want to have sex with the person blessed with good body and nice face? 

Why we do not consider the needs of any ugly guy/girl? Why this variation? 

What made humans so choosy? 

Seems like sex is no more a job, it’s a recreational activity and no one is certain and concerned about its results. as you all are aware of the fact that millions of girls treat there child as waste and get there child aborted due to many known reasons and some use the medicines as a daily compulsory pill, in the same way guys jerk off and destroy the precious semen million times sometimes in a condom and sometimes on a floor, they rarely invest this semen into the right way and that is vagina as they are not ready to invest there life with that girl after that 15 minutes sex. 

This urbanization and competitive environment has made us uneasy and uncertain about so many things. We need a touch that makes us realize the fact that we are in a better position. But why we want to be pampered on such high level of sexuality?

 Why we feel secured when our partner touches or licks our private zones? 

Why this practice of foreplay makes us feel like the boss of the world? 

Why the entire sex cycle makes us feel okay and satisfied? 

Is sex the only solution to any problem? 

Its been observed and I will say about myself , I feel less depressed and less worried when I get laid but on my lonely nights I feel very much insecure and worried . Why sex removes that tension from my mind? I don’t know but sex works like magic. I am not advising you to go into one night stands to chuck out your worries, this magic works only when you do sex with one partner multiple times. 

Choosing multiple partners will convert the situation into a slut environment and you will not feel good about yourself as adultery makes people feel guilty as they have to constantly lie to there partner and family. But overall the feeling and sensation makes me feel on top of the world. I don’t know after masturbation I feel guilty that I shouldn't have done it but after a good sex , I feel yes , this is my life and I need to enjoy it. Its feeling that makes me feel right about myself , I feel so respectful about myself , I thank myself again and again that finally I have given time to myself which was mandatory.

 I enjoy sex like anything but I worship sex and I feel awesome about it. I don’t feel shame in talking about it or doing it, it’s my right. I am born to live and we all will die one day so why should we waste the existence of our sexual organs, lets use it but surely in a healthy way.

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