Tuesday, June 12, 2012

why i am born as a human?

Why I am born as a human ? I am born as a human being and I am lucky that I am far better than any animal. I can do whatever I want. Simply, being born as a human is a gift by nature. But I don’t know why I am born as a human? Why my existence is questionable sometimes? What are my duties and responsibilities being a human? Well generally speaking, there is not much excitement being a human. We humans have identical lives, we go to school, we learn things and later we work, we earn money, we get married and then we educate this same process to our children and this cycle is repeated again and again. It seems more than boring. This life is not exciting but is surely hard and challenging as the hidden truths behind this beautiful innocent story is surprising. We do whatever we can to earn money, we do not care about the means we adopt in order to earn money. We lie, we betray, we hate, we feel jealous and we even kill other humans to complete our Cinderella story. Why we are so compelled to do the bad to gain the good? Humans are much more developed as compared to animals, we say that we have better sense of thinking and reacting; we can understand and can do the jobs that are unbelievable in nature. We do not feel anything while doing something bad and something really bad which is an unforgettable sin. It means we humans do not care about god and its world. Are humans scared of god? Well some humans do feel scared but others pretend to be scared. Some believe in god and some do not. We humans do not consider any other creature superior than us. But do humans get punished? Is there any heaven or hell? Frankly speaking no one has seen heaven or hell. Humans have made mythological statements which might be true based on ancient actual events and it might be an attempt to make humans realize the importance of truth and peace. We are blessed to bold and mold things according to our comfort. Human beings are worse than animals. Animals who only concentrate on survival and food, they are much more loyal than humans. Human beings are existed to perform outstanding jobs which can help mankind and animal kingdom; we are born to make discoveries and biggest changes and achievements to create a revolution. But we are not using our time judiciously, we don’t even know that why we are born as a human being? If our wholesome concentration and priority is towards food and fight, then it’s better to be born as an animal rather than a superior species. We humans can do something exceptional which will benefit the entire universe for coming centuries but unfortunately we destroy our precious time in fighting and quarrel. We often get ourselves cropped up by useless tasks and traps. We never acknowledge the natural gifts and environment. I still feel wasted as I cannot predict my existence in this world. I want to use my talent to create something big, not in terms of money but in terms of change, a change which is good and which will create a new world better than any ordinary real world. We all are living for others, its time to make that one change. We can invest our ideas and our potential to make something extraordinary, it can be helping and conserving nature, it can be creating religious awareness, it can be motivation among people to say truth, and it can be a bigger step to stop corruption. It can be anything but try to create a reason for your existence as a human being.

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