Thursday, June 21, 2012

who is disrespectful and disgraceful?

Who is disrespectful? 

 We often disrespect those who have done awful jobs and awful crimes like drugs , robbery , stabbing , prostitution and other inhuman activities which can make any one nerves from the bottom of there knees. Well we all have our own judgments and definitions of word bad. For some bad is good and for some bad is the most awful word which carries all negative traits in a person.

 But who is bad? Can we determine that?

 If I will ask this question to my friends they will immediately reply as there unconscious mind has the name of the person and I am pretty sure that they will say someone’s name or may be my name jokingly or in serious manner but this immediate response is an obvious activity. Like I have been con by cheap old men and for me the definition of bad is him. Similarly we all have different reasons to label someone as bad. But do we ever consider our self in that lucky position, we certainly are bad as no human being has ever been free from negative traits. Good and bad are the two sides of human being like the two sides of coin. But this should not give any birth right to us to commit crime. 

 Why are we so dependent on our needs and wants?

 Why we cannot sacrifice?

 Are we so away from this word? 

Well we have got one life and we have this legal mindset that after this life we don’t know what will happen to us so why to waste this life in being true and honest like some saint or priest, let’s be whatever we can to make this life pleasurable. This greed and lust for pleasure and leisure and this tendency of considering others as objects make us selfish and culprit. We do not feel scared in doing the most awful stuff we can because we do not fear from god, we do fear from police and law but we generally know how to find the right way out from these things. But what about those books and teaching which always teach us to do the good things , which always tell us that sins always follow us but are we really serious bout these teachings and books? 

Do culprits get punished?

 We don’t even remember how many times we verbally abuse any poor fellow because we are in better position. If we make out a recording of our daily activities we would be noticed doing most awful things we would pretend to avoid in public. Human being cannot leave there negative side and adapt to positive side completely. It’s almost impossible for us to ignore greed and lust. We humans cannot avoid jealousy. We say nice things but we do opposite of that. Every human is eating another human in shape of crimes, robbery, con, rape , dowry , commission, lie, abuse and it will never ever stop because it’s a status chain. We are running and our whole life will be spent in finding out our status and position. This chase will be chased.

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