Friday, June 29, 2012


Who is corrupt in India?

Well just a year ago there was a huge discussion on the issue of corruption. Due to the local awareness conducted by some selfless people, we suddenly generated some courage to ask our political leaders about the money we give them for the development of the country in shape of taxes but this awareness among people is not enough. There was a good media attention to this issue and we were busy in blaming the present political system and political leaders running our country as some awful shocking secrets and actions were reveled like commonwealth and 2G scam.

There was an essence of realization and motivation and dedication seen among people as many people joined the battle against corruption in the form of local strikes. But the billion dollar question is that who is actually corrupt in India? And can we ever live without corruption?

Looking at ourselves and our development scale, we people get attracted to corruption very easily. Every negative activity has some magnetic powers that we cannot say no to these shortcuts and fully negative options. Our self-centered behavior encourages us to do anything without noticing the consequences. We do not feel insecure about these acts; we don’t feel afraid any more. Our lust dominates us and directs us to dance on the tunes of money.

Wherever money is available we reach that source without even considering the way from which it is coming. We all live in a society and we all have different working environments. Whenever there is a debate on corruption, we blame our politicians for this but are politicians really responsible for the corrupted atmosphere?

The fact is shocking as we all are much more responsible than our politicians. Just try to look inside yourself you know where you stand. We humans are the worst creators and creatures possible on earth; off course we are worse than animals as we only focus on our own interests without even noticing the pain of others. There are many instances which prove that we are not humans but surely devils trying to showcase ourselves as saints.

Doctors eating commission and injecting patients without any solid reason to have luxurious lifestyle. Moreover hospitals are more like hotels just made with the aim of exploiting people and reaching the highest target of making money.

Businessman making huge profits without considering the efforts of workers who are involved in the creation of products. The products are certainly not long lasting as primary motto is money making rest may go to hell.

 Cops: There duty is to protect us from crimes and provide us a safe environment but unfortunately there duty is affected and distracted by bribes and favors.

Fake saints (dhongi baba) are widely distributed in our country and they mainly target those who do not have guts to earn money through hard work. Well in India the majority of shortcut seekers are quite high so they enjoy good audience and hence make lots of money. Unfortunately they con people under the sheets of religion & god.

People who con are equally available in dozens, there main target is to con people through any available way. Every year millions of people face these expert culprits.

Employees in purchase/sale department on any post enjoy secret commissions which affect the quality of products again affecting the people.

Government employees enjoy taking bribes and there whole life is used in impressing there bosses for promotion. Generally huge favors are demanded by these govt. employees.

 Labors need to work for survival but they do not want to work. More than 95% of labor community utilize there time in laziness and they also perform drama, they enjoy violence as they treat this as excitement. The daily wagers waste most of the hours in useless activities thus affecting the work and causing delay.

People who once take houses /shops / factories /commercial spaces on rent behave innocently at start but sooner or later they show there true colors by capturing that property and by treating it as there own property. The constitution favors these tenants through the reference of rent act and the property owner get deprived of there own property. Moreover the outside compromise is also shocking as these greedy tenants demand lakhs and crores to vacate the property. This open blackmailing is allowed and there is no one to take care for the rights of owners.

Unapproved houses are also an issue in our country, builders divide unapproved colonies and construct unapproved houses, this is against the law but unapproved spaces and properties and houses are cheaper than approved ones. So, people do not mind in investing in these kinds of properties again ruining the law and order but who cares as today there are millions of unapproved cities in India and there is no one to stop this exploitation of government property as government take huge bribes and donations from these builders.

These roads, government buildings, highways, transportation systems, airports, gardens, water system, electricity departments all are developed by the money of the people which we give in shape of taxes. But only a very small percentage of money is invested in countries development and rest goes in the pockets of these politicians.

 People do not have any love or respect left for each other, on our daily basis we fight with our neighbors on very small issues which cause a large disturbing picture at the end. There is no unity among people. People only prefer there nuclear family and rest again may go to hell.

People who give practice to stabbing, robbery, kidnapping, bomb last all get shelter directly and indirectly from there families and from those who need some good favors like government bodies.

From small to big every one is corrupt, no one is innocent. We all know what we are doing, we enjoy corruption, we enjoy blaming others, and we enjoy drama. There is no way by which we can end the corruption and trust me we can never behave like humans as there is no humanity left. The actions I have mentioned above are a very small trailer as the larger picture is much more dangerous than we can imagine.

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