Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why prayer cannot convert a beast into priest ?

Well I am a true Indian guy. I have always been deeply religious and serious about our culture and its ethics and values. Since childhood I have been so much closer to the god. I was so much fascinated with the essence of god and its greatness and vastness. In my childhood I have visited many temples and religious places and I have felt so intensely connected from the bottom of my soul, it seems like a large event where you are actually visiting god and you feel overwhelmed by the reflection and presence of god, the whole experience is just amazing.

As I was growing and learning, my attachment and my trust was at its peak. Soon I captured myself into everything I have been taught. I was the one who is different from his friends. I know the mythological tales, I believed in there effect and power. I was the one worshiping the religious books, the shilpshastra ( vastu). Not only this, I have also devoted much of my time in knowing other cultural teachings and morals. But what I have achieved from this? Well I can only say peace.

But living in this urbanized environment makes me greedy and selfish all the time. I need to think about myself, I need to be selfish in order to survive but these religious morals teach you to be selfless. I followed everything I read, I learnt but the outcomes were opposite of that. I was selfless; I was honest but the person I was honest to was not following the ethics and morals. I followed the perfect vastu shastra , I did the best numerology calculations but everything is failing. I was so perfectly dependent on these ways that I could not escape from it. I was shocked when things were not working the way I want them to work. I was frequently visiting the kundali makers, the Lal kitab, the horoscope watchers, the taro card readers. I have tried everything but all these things seem like a joke to me now. You must be thinking how eager I am to make things right. Well things were not working. I don’t why? I did my best but still it should work. What may be the reason behind this failure when I have done the right homework ?

Well the fact is there is a word called as fortune and you cannot deny it. Like I did my best to reach to my goal but actually that was not my goal , my fortune wanted to take me to somewhere else and that’s why besides all my best efforts the hurdles of my path were not ending. The thing is all these mythological tales were developed to make you work on the right path. No prayer can convert a beast into priest. People and there thinking towards you will never change so we should not expect anything from these prayers. Every time we pray we ask for something and this materialistic greed is noticeable to almighty, may be that’s why instead of helping he promotes us to work hard. Even vastu shastra will not help if your fortune cycle is running against you. All these fortune tellers, the lal kitab, taro cards, all these things are for those who need shortcuts and who really do not have guts to achieve there dreams.

Well dreams are dreams, one should dream what they really think is a dream. Unnecessary and out of the league dreams lead to absolute failure and embarrassment. Like a labor cannot dream of marrying an actress, the thing is faulty and over demanding dreams cannot be fulfilled as our dreams success depends on many factors like circumstances, environment, people, and background.

When everything is against our dream, it becomes impossible to achieve them as our priority is divided. We cannot achieve them as our whole time is distributed in explanation and convincing. Like parents easily do not allow there daughters to become actress and the lack of support to them makes things very difficult for them, they usually trust others and outsiders and face horrible outcomes.

Moreover when money and support mix together, they create something extraordinary but when you have no support, no money then your dream is just a dream and will always be a dream. You cannot convert it into reality as the time you should spend on the dream is being spent on other things. Well fortune play a vital role in deciding your destiny as you cannot dominate and direct your fortune like it looks so unusual that a local milk man became the minister and the girl who was a prostitute is an actress today, so you never know the power of luck.

Work hard but don’t make unreasonable demands from future, do not indulge yourself completely to shortcuts as shortcuts are not always favorable. And never forget the background, environment and people are at there own place, they have there own set of thinking and liking, there is jealousy, competition, hate, greed around us and we cannot deny its effects.

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