Monday, June 25, 2012

what men think about woman in bed?

Most of the guys enjoy the fact that they had sex. They are just more than happy with the fact that they had sex but do they really enjoy it? Seriously majority of guys do not know what is sex? Sex has many definitions but for me it’s a feeling that is precious from all the wealth of the world. This feeling cannot be gifted or achieved easily.

No doubt sex is easy to learn but difficult to practice. We guys generally depend on our friends advice's and porn videos to get the insides of sex but these erotic books and videos are not useful if you do not try out your own senses as it’s a popular say that one needs a mind to copy, not every one can be the master of sex in bed.

 Guys are rough, tough, hard, and masculine and they are always linked up with dirty jobs, tough jobs and hard jobs. These jobs define them as man. Yes! "Man" the word which is very much attractive for woman. she knew that this man can only make her feel like a woman as the care , the protection , the cover , the dominance makes her feel soft like a silk packed in a gold box and that yellow shinny hard metal called gold is man.

 Well women are deeply connected to their souls and they play many roles is society. The biggest role they play is of mother, which makes them soft, caring, lovable and gentle. A woman treats his lover not only as a lover but as a soul mate , she cares about him in every way , she loves him , she do whatever she can to make him feel good every time . Yes she is the giver and he is the taker but the biggest myth woman carry in their hearts is that men is in love with her.

 No man get himself trapped into the love affair easily, their minds, their thinking, their hearts everything works differently. They do not consider sex as any intimate phase or any love kind of stuff. For them sex is just sex, they feel happy with the fact that they just had an awesome sex with a girl, they do not even know whether the girl enjoyed it or not and they do not even care about her enjoyment or even about their own enjoyment as their only concern is to shag the semen out.

 They just spit out the white creamy liquid and they feel happy that they are man as they were the one who invested the pole inside the whole. Their ego, their vanity, their pride and their dominance in bed makes them feel superior than women.

 On the other hand almost every women start their next morning happily singing their favorite songs feeling like the Rose of titanic but its all bullshit as the later on fact tears them completely. For men the fact to be laid is just awesome, they enjoy spreading it as the breaking news among their friends again to show their so called lucky life with lucky status. They even discuss the roles and the positions they performed in bed obviously with the description of girl’s body stats and looks. Some even spit out the name of the girl. For guys no one will check their virginity but for girls they are called sluts when exposed .

 Young ladies often get themselves trapped in this boyfriend/girlfriend game and end up with insult and failure. At the time of their marriage they feel insecure as every guy expects bleeding in the first time intercourse. In case of guys, whether it’s uncut or cut, no girl has guts to ask the husband at the wedding night about the past sex experiences. Some guy’s compromise with consummated young ladies but some end that up with the certificate of divorce. 

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