Wednesday, June 27, 2012

how men and women define sex in their life's?

Well as we all are dependent on sex for our survival; we often make it interesting every time we do it. Gone are those days when men were having an extra marital affair or when men were keeping their own private mistresses.

Today men are very fast in experimenting the real sex in terms of real play. They do not mind in practicing the odds and evens of the sex games and they do indulge themselves into trouble and risky affairs leading to anything disastrous. As men cannot live without sex, woman are opposite of that, there are good majority of woman who are not addicted to sex, they only perform this play to give birth to the child, later they avoid this play as much as they can with the excuse of responsibilities, children and tiredness but men will never compromise his sex need as it’s a basic and most important need for men.

Well as number of men are not satisfied in bed with their wife’s, they prefer to go out and find that ultimate pleasure. The ultimate pleasure has numerous meanings and there are numerous ways which lead to these pleasures but they demand money. Moreover men cannot treat the outside woman as sex slave in bed, they cannot make her do whatever they desire, the time they get for sex is also limited and every shot costs a lot. Due to this risky outside affair many men compromise with their wife’s and treat them as queen to get that ultimate pleasure at night. Well many woman refuse to offer blowjob to their husband but this blowjob is very compulsory for men as they feel like a king when their wife act as a sex slave in bed. They desire for this dominance, they want this but disappointment and the word no makes them more arrogant and frustrated which leads to unhealthy married life.

Today sex is very creative, men are not only smart but they know how to pamper themselves in bed. They indulge in multiple one night stands with multiple partners. Moreover, they prefer diversity in gender. Today men are called more bisexual then straight as their greed for satisfaction takes them to the hidden doors of the sex world. They experience ultimate pleasure in different intervals by different partners of different gender. Like many men approach gay men for blowjob and woman for foreplay. Some even wants to try anal sex with their wife but most of the wife's generally do not allow  this new technique as anal sex is risky and there are many obligations and restrictions about it. Prostitutes and homosexual guys are approached by these horny men and in this way they fulfill their every single sex need.

Well woman are very uncomfortable with sex when it comes to stranger, they worship their husbands as they treat them as god and guardian of the children and family. Their only target is their husband but there are cases when husband do not make them feel fully satisfied due to lack of interest or impotence. The unconsummated and partly consummated woman feels insecure without the men’s touch, she prefers a substitute to that and that substitute is food or friends. Generally woman are much more inclined towards their male friends as they trust them completely. Woman do not prefer sex with a stranger as woman needs a reason to have sex and guys needs a place to have sex.

Woman are so emotionally connected to sex that they treat it as an event , something big , something serious but for guys its like eating strawberry ice cream. Well sex is entirely physical and it’s totally based on looks. There are very rare couples who prefer the nature of partner and do not consider physical beauty in sex but are they really satisfied with their sex lives? Well we people dream about sex, we fantasize our partner’s stats and looks, we want to love and pamper the best body. Its like we are buying our favorite car or doll, we love it and we surely do not want to compromise.

May be that’s the reason why good looking partners arrogance and attitude is tolerated because of their beauty and an ugly partner has no partner rights. Well we surely know what to do in sex, we know how we feel good, we enjoy touching, massaging, kissing and smooching, rubbing and holding, these intimate acts give us positive energy so its obvious that we want to massage or we want to kiss a beautiful skin, we want to make out with a beautiful face, we want a perfect partner lying naked by our side. It’s our desire but we generally do not get what we want. Arrange marriages do not allow us to make unnecessary demands, so we compromise on many levels but we do take out the right time and way to choose our unfulfilled desires.

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