Sunday, June 3, 2012

The new profession of pimp in demand ( Must Read)

Sex not a pleasure but a billion dollar industry

when we were small we often used to question ourselves that what we want to become when we get older ? Some say doctor, some say engineer, some say businessmen but no body says pimp. Well this world is so pathetic that the cost of happiness is larger than life. It’s really easy to die but very hard to live. Your own family is your enemy, as till the time you are listening to them or obeying to their orders, you are the best child but the day you think about yourself, you are bad.

We all want to become something big and we always question ourselves “HAVE I MADE IT LARGE ?” and in order to make it large we usually do lot of bad things. Money the only means for survival is the crucial and mandatory item. We can live without our loved ones but cannot live without money. It’s always a healthy competition between us and our friends and relatives in society in status and monetary terms. Even to find good matrimonial alliance money is required. So when we know so many merits of this tangible commodity we do whatever we could to earn it.

Some work hard and some work smart. In this real world every one looks out for shortcuts and we all want to become rich. No body is satisfied with less money and we all have unlimited desires and expectations which require loads of money.

Well money is money, we do not have any magic that we will gather suitcases full of money but there are certain things people do in business which they find ethical to earn money. Well we all are aware of common corruption strategies which works very well in every day transactions like selling goods without bill hence getting black money , converting black money into white money through real estate investment , Hidden commission on sale and purchase , faulty workmanship , higher price and low grade products , exceeding the credit limit intentionally , bad debts etc..

But these methods are very common today. Some money makers are so dedicated in their money making goal that they can even do the worse to get the money. The worst and most disgusting strategy they use is sex.

There are many companies who are dedicated to hire beautiful personal secretaries and assistants. Their advertisement for the secretary only focuses on the physical stats and skin. Their main motto is to get money and big orders by giving sex as the return gift to their clients. Well some girls are forced to sell their body in order to get the job and some do it without complain as their priority is also money.

The boss always desire for a good looking girl, younger than him and always devoting. He will do his best to impress her, the girls who are unaware about the reality of glamour and money easily come under the spell and willingly sell their bodies to get promotion and higher pay. This works in case of guys secretary too , in many companies female bosses use good looking men to satisfy themselves and their girlfriends . This world is just after money and sex is not bad either. Some girls laugh on this situation as they cannot decide which is better sex or money as both gives pleasure. In other words it is the discovery of prostitution in white collar jobs .

We cannot complain and we cannot restrict anyone. people who use these strategies are worse then pimp as pimp admits his profession but these white elephants use their secondary teeth to chew the respect and individuality of the woman working under them. From corporate world to glamour world, women are never safe. Even with all the qualifications and degrees woman struggle as most of the people only measure a person’s quality and qualification on the basis of sex.

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