Saturday, June 9, 2012

cant stop enjoying adultry

Are you unsatisfied with your sex life?

 Do you suffer eye contact and possessiveness of family? 

 Do you miss your own space? 

 This possessiveness is so annoying, don’t you think?  

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 Well we all love sex and we should love it as no one can have just one shot. This young age is such a bitch, it provokes us to fuck and suck as much as we can. Aha, I still miss that phase when she took my drill inside her mansion. It was like a heavenly experience. Well there is so much pressure from every where and this constantly increasing pressure gives rise to other pressures. 

You know, we adults and teens shit a lot and spit a lot. We all have pressure from front and back. It’s obvious that we don’t feel and act like mature people and we do not take our partner seriously because our whole some priority is fun and always remember fun is sex, sex is fun. But I don’t know why parents and family act as a barrier?

 They do not act as a bridge but they discourage us and push us to concentrate on responsibilities only but why they do not feel like us? 

 Now don’t give me a bloody shit that it’s a generation gap, blah blah blah. Its not a generation gap. They have also faced puberty and they also enjoy adultery. Then why we should act like saints? 

When the whole world is using their private parts for good, Well for every parent their child is a saint but we know how devil we are. It’s common to have many casual sex partners as we cannot eat the same bread everyday and especially at this age when we have millions of alternatives and choices. The urbanization is high to so much extent that guys and girls choose multiple partners. There are various types of variations seen in these metropolitan heterosexual males, they prefer woman but they also do not say no to other men. The reason behind that is choice and lack of satisfaction from existing partner. Not every person is born gay or homosexual. They choose it in order to get full satisfaction in terms of lust and professional requirements. 

Even woman are choosing their high status female and male bosses as there are no chances of pregnancy thanks to contraceptive devices but maximum chances of promotion and money. Well sex travels and it acts like a barter system. No matter how much new and innovative we are, no matter how much urbanized and developed we are but we still lack in one thing and that is experience. 

 Parents understand our need and lust very well but they want to create discipline and this discipline of self control and motivation is mandatory in order to protect us from bad company. Once we slip into dirty hands, we won’t get back easily. 

 Sex is beautiful but it has some rules, if we indulge completely and prioritize it, we might get our self in big trouble as its obvious that we will ignore our responsibilities and duties and this self centering quality will make us worse than any street lusty puppy.

 No matter how much careful and alert our parents are. We still try our best to do whatever we want to do. More than 80% people lie to their parents when they go out for sex dates including men, woman, girls and boys. We enjoy this danger and this hide and seek game. Its obvious that we laugh when we are with our sex buddy and we surely feel proud that how easily we fooled and betrayed our parents but we must not forget that the intimate time which we are sharing with that someone special can lead us to death if that some one special is not turned out to be special.

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