Friday, June 1, 2012

can you do sex without any aim?

Although my life is so aimless , what I dream , I just dream , I don’t have right to full fill it and convert it into reality , I can openly blame my family , my relatives , my circumstances , my mean friends and my fortune and I am tired of that. I tried my best to think in the most positive way possible but its all negative and it cannot be changed. Like a cat cannot be converted into a dog, I cannot change my perspective and thinking box into any plastic analysis of some stupid job which I feel is surely suffocating from the bottom of my cells. This tough journey makes my condition from better to worse and I the struggling warrior feel unsafe and trapped all the time. Although wars happen and it’s basically a mix of cold war and actual verbal communication war but the interferences are obvious. I am constantly distracted by various means and baits. As an ordinary human being I am optimistic, opportunistic, selfish, lusty, and needy. I want comfort in my life and above all the sexual comfort is a must have for me. SEX has the power to fade or you can say erase our worries and tensions. Sex will not erase it completely but you feel a lot better as emotional need gives rise to physical need if you have a partner. The most common healer is kiss. Kiss on cheeks and forehead gives a feeling of protection and a lip lock is the best and king of healers as it connects us to our partner unconditionally, spiritually, mentally and it gives a feeling of oneness. As we move on to the next step, we target the sexy Jones and the body. Worshipping the body stats and indulging Jones through kisses and tongue play gives the most sensual and passionate pleasures to the mind. As the third step comes in motion we do not hesitate in exploring the private affairs of the body like penis in case of guys and G spot in case of woman. Its been noticed since ancient times that pampering and stimulating these personal and private Jones provide a feeling of importance and dominance. Well intercourse happens in every relationship and the longer it lasts the more it creates the magic of compatibility. Sex is a gift by nature an art to make our partner realize that how much we love them. When sex is performed with an aim, it gives less pleasure and more discomfort. Many couples do not enjoy sex; they take it as a method or a duty to be performed with the aim of getting a child. This realization where couples consider sex as duty makes them feel like workers and not lovers, so it’s obvious that there would be no sparkle. Aimless sex gives intense pleasure and leisure with only one priority and that is fun.

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