Saturday, May 26, 2012

sex revolution

Ha-ha when I was typing this word “ dickhead ” . My word document indicated this word as wrong pronunciation as they do not have this word in there dictionary. Well this reminded me of the fact that no matter how much dickhead I consider myself , my faith in me and my fortune tells me that this is not you , this word belongs to any other nerds who are bloody hypocrites born to create difficulties in the surviving path of honest people. I guess I am somehow honest and that’s why I have always failed in dating games, I never approached a girl for just sex, I wanted a relationship but as you can say girls are smarter and versatile, they need fun just fun and guys with big tits and muscles and no brains are cherry on the cake for them as they give them flattering physiological boosts making them feel extra, extra, extra special to drill an extra, extra, extra large tool in them.

Well sex is casual, so are relationships. Having boyfriend is not a need or want, its fashion trend which is really mandatory for bimbo girls as there bursting hormones won’t let them stay virgin. Today body and sex goes well together , if you have a body then sex is unlimited in your dictionary as desperates are high in number but from where all this urge and unsatisfied hunger coming? Are we born with this hunger or it’s just the revolution of urbanized sex.

Well foreplay is as common as saying hello to a stranger and little bit of girl drama is usual thing guys handle at the time of fucking them as many girls does not wants to get fucked before marriage but fuck is the basic and most crucial want of guy, he needs hole weather its asshole of a guy or g spot of a girl. Today guys are more bisexual then being totally straight as main concern is to get the cum out of the tube and this can be done with any gender.

Well guys from modeling field face these situations where there carrier battle depends on the fucking chemistry and physics of the casting couch. The compromisers get chance and the argumentative just keep on posting there photo shoots on social networking sites to get some limelight which is surely fake as people will comment only if you reciprocate. God this world is just made out of sex.

No matter how stupid you are but when you get a hotshot partner (girl/guy) you know the spots and Jones. But the question is what it takes to catch a girl? Having a girlfriend makes you smarter? Or if u doesn't get a girl, it means you are a Dickhead like me? Hmm well option second is thinkable. The thing is everything is manipulation and word building. Although body works as a base to catch chicks but the word of appreciation also matters. The biggest drawback of guys is falling for bimbo girls as they do not have time for anything except there manicure and facial, they will treat your feelings as an expiry sun protection cream and will discard you sooner or later. This young generation love affairs are never serious and real, they all are fake as both the partner need experience and temporary enjoyment to chuck out there liquids. As the world is changing the reality and position of sex is changing, it is no more an important affair but a common shake hand between two people who know what they want.

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