Wednesday, May 30, 2012

common its a celebrity not a god (Must Read for glamour freaks)

Stars twinkle at night, they are fascinating and mysterious, you cannot reach them and they are very far, far from our vision but still we connect to them through our stories or our dreams. In Real world we have given this status to the people who entertain us. Yes I am talking about actors. Well I am not writing any stupid, flattering essay on the evolution of stars or about their lifestyle.

I am discussing with you the human psychology and our unconditional behavior when we see what we dream. These dreams are like walking on moon which is surely impossible except if you are an astronaut. I don’t know why we all love this glamour line? Why there job of acting is so fascinating? It looks like a tough dream with amazing amount of patience but who wants to wait? No matter you are from which field you want to try once in this acting line. This stupid addiction is certainly because of many reasons: money, status, limelight, glamour but is this enough ?

Don’t you find any demerit in this acting line?

Why we get so crazy when we see any actor?

What kind of respect we gather towards actors?

Do we really respect them? Or it’s just our lust which makes us carried away.

 It is surely our lust as how can you love an actor in this era when you cannot love your family. No one can give unconditional love to the person whom they don’t even know but people do pretend to know these stars by writing down their hobbies or liking's  Well it’s not at all enough.

Its obvious that their body, stats, face attracts us like a child gets attracted to see a toy and we desire more . Most of the people have ugliest intentions in the most dirty sense, guys dream about actress certainly not in a good way but in a very kinky way.

Frankly speaking, respect is out of the question. We all have one mindset that whomsoever is a star , he/she is not a virgin , they must have compromised or they can get anyone for sex so why they will say no to sex when they are getting full of it. 

sometimes we chuck out our frustration by saying it’s a corrupt line and people who are corrupt engage themselves in the film industry.

well besides all these allegations we don’t hesitate in showing our desperate behavior when we encounter these stars. If we are so sure that they are dirty or corrupt then why we want to associate ourselves with them?

Why we want to link up?

The most common thing is that we all are desperate and when we see any famous entity, we can do anything for a small favor. A small autograph or picture gives us the opportunity to flatter our ego and status among our friends and relatives as posing with  celebrity seems like posing with the almighty. 

Moreover,  these actors are not less then any bank. Imagine an actress or an actor proposing you for marriage, would you say no ?

well you are an idiot if you say no. we all will consider it as an opportunity , a priority , a chance to change our life. We never treat that actor as human but a bank who can fulfill our dream. So what it clearly states ?

 It states that we all are culprits but we utilize our life in pointing fingers on others. We can talk dirty about an actress who is someone’s daughter or someone’s sister but we cannot hear any comment about our sister or wife or girlfriend. 

We all want our dirty laundry to be covered but we never waste time in disclosing someone else’s laundry. We all feel jealous and we all are plastic. Our life is just about money and vanity, rest goes to hell. 

Well its time to appreciate everyone and please behave like human not like a desperate money seeking pig who dances on the tunes of fame and lust.

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