Monday, April 16, 2012

making sex easier

Making sex easier

You are making my sex life easier by motivating me to be in shape. Well sex is connected to body and it’s a body need. Like a delicious food satisfy our hunger in a good manner, in the same way a perfect body gives immense satisfaction to the body hunger.

Body lust is the most critical and important want which is important at any cost. In case of a guy or a girl who are out of shape, they feel incredible difficulties in getting a partner as there bodies are not capable of attracting the opposite sex.

The motivation and the sexual arousal take place when we see something exceptionally close to perfection or perfect. We have legal mindset what is beautiful is in and what is ugly is out. We cannot establish a partial thought by saying that fat is ugly.

A Fat person is like being too much pampered body which is over feed every time , this excess feeding gives rise to the size of abdomen , legs , thighs , chest , face and other portions of body , causing tearing of the skin due to excess enlargement of the body parts causing stretch marks and stocky nature of body.

Some people enjoy this excess development as the sign of richness and completeness in terms of financial nature and surprisingly some enjoy this kind of body development and they prefer fat guy or fat girl as there partners for sex.

Well there is a kinky say " That for real fun there should be some amount of meat on the skeleton” This quote was specially to tease skinny people and bony people to create a feeling of superiority. Well sex never stops for anyone. A fat guy can hire a slut and a healthy girl can sleep with her driver.

Sex revolves around humans and it will happen every time. Some human beings design themselves so perfectly with the help of gym that there physique opens millions of alternatives and options. This perfection makes them choosy and arrogant.

On the other scale a healthy guy with imperfect posture have no alternatives and limited options to satisfy his body lust. He takes help of masturbation but that is a punishment not a second alternative. Besides that a fat person feels sexier every time he sees something erotic compared to a fit person.

This may be due to lack of satisfaction and absence of continuous sexual life. There need and wants mix together and creates a strong urge and madness which makes them feel sick and trapped. The fit people gets sex all the time with diverse partners, they feel completely satisfied and there urge does not force them so much. It does not mean that all the healthy people are like that or all the fit people are like that, it’s versatile. We all have some vision and some desires which creates a feeling of independence among our sexual levels.

We want the best partner who should be perfect physically first then mentally second. No one gives chance to any ugly person but a beautiful person is invited without the consideration of nature and behavior. Once again we have proved that we are animals when it comes to sex. Nature and behavior are secondary and looks and body is priority when it comes to full satisfaction of body hunger.

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